Help me pay a loan please!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

So, I'm Portuguese and I moved to Germany last year, I come here to make my life better but the things isn't so easy like we always expect. I moved to here just with my English that I know that's not perfect, but help me a lot and make me better and confident, now I already speak better German too but my English stay always with me.

I'm in Munique on center and my salary isn't enough to pay everything and to put a little bit of money safe, so until now I'm living on house of my brother but we need move on to other because the contract to live here ends in July! And than, here in Germany when you move to another house you need pat 3 month for the rent, like you imagine I don't have money enough and I don't have too anything for a house, I need buy everything. This way I have a loan, in value of 15.000€ , before all of this I try found a new mini job or something to do that give some money but nothing answers, nothing appear!

Maybe you think that I just want that the others pay my things, no, it's nothing of this, I really try everything too pay my things, and I help a lot my family but now I'm can't pay everything alone, it's too much, I don't now what I can do more, of someone can help me, I really really appreciate that and pray for all of your lucky.

I don't konw what more can I say, but thanks for the time that you spend to me.

Ana Duarte