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by Lashes Nails and Brows ltd in London, England, United Kingdom

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LN+B, the first Lash, Nail + Brow service to offer tailored packages, under an affordable monthly membership.

by Lashes Nails and Brows ltd in London, England, United Kingdom

1592845989_ln+b_imagery_part_5.jpgLN + B is a start-up London-based business that is set to take the beauty industry by storm. We are a unisex salon that offers beauty membership services that have to do with lashes, nails, and brow on a subscription model. We intend to run a salon where people subscribe to beauty services monthly according to their choice of membership packages. LN + B will be servicing nails, from manicures to pedicures as well as nail extension, and still, actively offer services in the eyelashes and eyebrows areas. We intend to create a membership salon for both men and women to feel appreciated, respected, and confident with a zip of fun.

LN + B is a professional and urban stylistic membership salon that will offer today’s gentlemen, ladies, lesbians, gays, bi, trans, and queers a one of a kind experience wher1592846070_ln+b_imagery_part_2.jpge they can feel comfortable to relax and experience unique beauty services paid ahead for the entire month and all in one place. We are aimed towards today’s professional and urban market and a discerning customer base that will add tremendous value to the local community.

The United Kingdom is the world's sixth-largest market for beauty and personal care, worth around £27.2bn in 2018, with an imminent future growth projection.[1] This thus signifies future growth, showing that the market for beauty services, which is our major business focus, is not going to plummet anytime soon. 


The combination of “World Class Services” and comforting atmosphere alongside our easy membership model will firmly establish LN + B as the place where guests from anywhere across Shoreditch, Clapham, Epsom, Kent, and surrounding areas can come for beauty services. We also hope to build a chain of beauty membership salons, ensuring our services are made available all around London. We intend to 1592846347_ln+b_imagery_part_12.jpgbecome a profitable entity by focusing on increasing the customer base and making LN + B the welcoming lashes, brows, and nail services for our target customer base. Although we have direct and indirect competitors in the market, we have crafted out a unique business model that will help us to gain market acceptance and oust competitors in the market.

Our services borders on lashes fixing, brow trimming, manicures and pedicures, nail servicing, and nail extension. We have a selection of different packages for our customers to choose from. Our customers will be able to choose to get individual services or as well opt in to being doted on with extra love with a membership package that will see them paying monthly subscription charges for beauty services through the month.

About Me

I will be the lead driving force of the company. I will be in charge of the management and operation of the company with a host of other experienced staff. We plan to hire the best hands to help us drive our business to profit. This is 1592846607_ln+b_imagery_part_1.jpgone of the reasons why we do not mind paying our employees well because we know that we are striving for a goal, and that is the goal of gaining loads of clients. Also, much more than just satisfying our clients, we want to see our business flourish in a bid to generate high returns. We will have the very best of attendants who will be well trained to make clients’ visit a worthwhile and fun-packed one. We will ensure to have a rich and classy environment that can attract all and sundry to come and have a taste of what it means to run ultra-chic nail and grooming services. Furthermore, we will have gifts of some discounts for each customer who comes to patronise us, at least for the startup period of the business.

Valued Clients 

LN + B is primarily focused on helping its clients look their very best at all times. We would try as much as lies within our power to surpass the expectations of people. Our prices would also be very affordable; we do not want to scare our new clients away with our pricing. We plan to lower our subscription charges so that we can gain good ground within our startup period.

One of the things that most clients look out for in a salon is the level of cosiness. We have done adequate research in that area and, as such, will spend quite a lot in making our facility beautiful and conducive. Our state-of-the-art facility will be so attractive that people who require our services cannot but walk in because we will use the latest equipment and technologies in the industry. Our excellent customer service will be second to none, as we will exhaustively train our employees in the business.

We are quite optimistic that our values and the quality of our service offering will help us drive LN + B to enviable heights and also help us attract clients that will make the business highly profitable. We will be dedicated to establishing good business relationships with our clients, giving them value for their money, and reasons to hire our services again and again by renewing their subscription with us. We will also leverage word-of-mouth marketing and referrals alongside some online marketing to keep clients in our intending locations informed about our services.

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