Live in Durham

Live in Durham

The aim is to introduce and coordinate live music events such as open mic and showcase evenings in small local businesses in Durham City.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The aim is to introduce and coordinate live music events within small local businesses in Durham City.

Currently there are no open mic/showcase nights available for musicians who want to increase their confidence in front of a live audience, practise performing and share their talent.  We would like Durham City to become known for its live music as well as for its beauty, briining musicians and local small businesses together.  I am writing this on behalf of my son, Connor Thomas, whom has just had his first experiene at organising a major event in Durham as part of a Durham BID project. It was a great success!  

For this occasion it was necessary to borrow a PA system.  This has not been the first time we have had to borrow one as Connor has recently completed NCS, raising money for charity and put on an event for this.  Connnor rarely benefits from his music but purely does what he does for the love of it.  It would be great to see him rewarded for his hard work and dedication.  

Connor often wants to join in with open mic nights however they are often too far away to travel and again, can be quite costly.  He wants to start something great happening within Durham but needs help with the cost of equipment.  It seems the businesses are already keen.