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To fund the performance of 'Lizzie's Charter' at Conway Hall to support the 50's women's fight against Pension injustice.

by Gina Topliff Frost in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Fifties Women Fight Pensions Injustice with New Comedy Play


The Three Minute Theatre is delighted to invite you to donate to this Crowd Funder to raise funds to bring the play ‘Lizzie’s Charter’ to Conway Hall in London on the 3rd of November 2018. The play will be performed by cast of the Manchester Shakespeare Company and the show will be recorded and streamed live via the internet.

The money raised from ticket sales will be used to take the play to other venues around the country to maintain focus on the injustice done to so many women affected by the recent changes in pension entitlement. The aim is to raise awareness of the issue and gain support for the women by taking the play to as many people as possible.

We are raising funds to cover the cost of venue hire, filming and live streaming of the performance at Conway Hall on 3rd November 2018. (£2,799.00) The play will be premiered at the Three Minute Theatre in Manchester in October 2018.

Lizzie smile hides behind the stress of the day.

The play was developed by two women affected by the pension change: Theatre Director Gina Frost and Actor Lynn Touil were both born in the 1950’s and have paid into the system all their working lives. They have been robbed of their pension entitlement and are both facing an uncertain financial future through no fault of their own. They felt they had to protest and decided to use the skills they have developed in their professional careers to create ‘Lizzie’s Charter’.

The decision to change the pension entitlement age is causing massive hardship amongst women who have worked all their lives and paid into the system:

“I can’t help look after my grandchildren. We’re trying to downsize to release equity to live on. I’m self-employed because of arthritis and age-related macular degeneration rule out full-time teaching in a primary school. My husband will be 65 in Sept but can’t retire as my retirement age is 66.”

“I am a divorced legal PA, no one will employ me at 61yrs 11 months. I am now doing seasonal work in a kiosk on a well-known sea front for min wage as I have a mortgage and desperately trying to cling to my home and eat. My crime? Being born in the 1950’s.”

About the play:

Lizzie Carter is looking forward to her sixtieth birthday, drawing a well-earned pension and a bit of a rest from her hectic responsibilities: working full-time, looking after her grandchildren and caring for her aging parents.

But the Mayor of Toritown, the popular Boris de Piffle has other ideas. He has a hole in his budget after bailing out his crooked chums at the collapsed Toritown Savings Bank and giving himself a huge pay rise. Luckily for him, his best friend and Chief Finance Officer, the ambitious Gideon Poshborne, has a cunning plan: to steal the pensions from all the women in Toritown by making them work an extra six years.

With nothing left to lose, Lizzie and her friends, Marina and Veronica, organise a strike in a bid for equality and justice. Things don’t exactly go to plan though, and their withdrawal of labour and sexual favours and their occupation of the town hall lead to unexpected and hilarious consequences for all concerned.

Will justice be served? Will equality be achieved? Will the evil Boris and his lackey Gideon be defeated?

There’s only one way to find out:

‘Lizzie’s Charter’: Based on ‘Lysistrata’, the ancient comedy by Aristophanes. At the Three Minute Theatre (3MT) Afflecks Arcade, 35-39 Oldham Street, Manchester M1 1JG. October 2018


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