Lib Dem Welsh Assembly Election Candidate for Ceredigion 2016. Ymgeisydd ar gyfer Etholiadau'r Cynulliad 2016

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On 23rd Mar 2016 we successfully raised £170 with 9 supporters in 56 days


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Welsh Assembly Election Candidate for Ceredigion 2016. Ymgeisydd ar gyfer Etholiadau'r Cynulliad 2016

Hello, I'm Elizabeth (Liz to my friends) and I am the Liberal Democrat candidate for Ceredigion in the 2016 Welsh Assembly Elections. I stood in 2011 and cut the majority of the Plaid Cymru AM to just 1,777 votes and I'm aiming to go one better this time and win the seat. Ceredigion went against the tide in the General Election this year and re-elected Mark Williams as our Liberal Democrat MP, and there's every sign that we could be the surprise result in May 2016! I'm well known locally as councillor for my home town of Aberaeron, and I'm married to Graeme and a proud corgi owner (Iolo).   I'm already out campaigning (you can read about it on my blog) and support is good, but I need your help to get my message out.

Ceredigion is a large rural constituency and is a difficult and expensive place to run an election campaign. There are many voters that we can only reach by postal delivery, and only speak to by phone, which costs money. We don't receive any public money for campaigning, and the Liberal Democrats are not bankrolled by big business, trade unions or wealthy benefactors. Everything I have to spend on my campaign will come from donations from supporters like you.

Here is what we will be using our pledges for:

  • To print leaflets, newsletters and posters for distribution across the county
  • To post direct mailshots to key target areas to carry on getting our message across Ceredigion
  • To produce more 'stake-boards' to increase campaign visibility
  • To travel across Ceredigion to speak to people about the key messages
  • To have a telephone campaign to speak to voters

So whether you are a Ceredigion resident wanting to have an effective local campaigner with a strong Liberal voice representing you in the Welsh Assembly, or a Liberal Democrat supporter outside the area wanting to help the Lib Dem Fightback, please give generously. 

Even if you can't donate money you can still contribute to the campaign.  

Number 1:  Contact me via email, phone, twitter or facebook to offer your time.  You can help by writing envelopes (in the comfort of your own home), doing some leaflet delivery in your neighbourhood, displaying posters in your window or having a stake-board on your lawn. 

Number 2:  (most importantly!!)  Go to vote, turn up on polling day and put a big cross next to my name! Its going to be a real competition in Ceredigion so every vote really does count.

Please provide your name, address, and phone number so I can log all your details as per legal requirements.  

****Remember if you need a lift to the Polling station on election day I will need your phone number*****

Legal Stuff – Electoral law states that donations can only be received from individuals on the UK electoral register (anywhere in Britain), companies registered in the UK or genuine unincorporated associations operating in the UK. All donations of more than £50 will be checked and must by law be declared in my election expenses return. If we are not able to confirm your details we must refuse the donation. Any queries should be addressed to my agent, Michael Woods, at Ceredigion Liberal Democrats, 32 North Parade, Aberystwyth, SY23 2NF. 01970 62772101970 627721

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