Living funds for Nikki Joy and her children

Living funds for Nikki Joy and her children

Support Nikki Joy during her divorce

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Nikki Joy's divorce has been very public.  On 10th November 2017, the Daily Mail ran the latest story in the long-standing saga, revealing that Nikki's ex-husband - Clive Joy-Morancho - hired a private detective to plant a secret recording device in their 8-year-old's school bag to spy on her.

In 2015, Sir Peter Singer found in the High Court that Clive Joy had two horrors in his life: paying anything that cannot be avoided to the tax authorities and paying anything to his ex-wife.

Despite the orders of the courts in France and England, Clive Joy has failed to pay what the courts have ordered him to pay Nikki and their 3 young children (who are in shared custody).  At present, he is only paying them 500 euros a month.  Some months, he pays nothing at all.  They cannot live on this amount.

On 2nd November 2017, her ex-husband has been found guilty of failing to pay child maintenance by a French criminal court.  He  lives in a sumptuous 6-bedroom chateau, with a full-time maid.  She lives in rented accommodation nearby.  She and the children are unable to return to the UK to seek help from family and friends as Clive Joy has blocked her attempts to do so.

Christmas is approaching and the last of her money is running out.  She fears for her children, and for herself, over the winter months.

Nikki has borrowed as much as she can from friends and now finds herself so desperate that she and her children must rely on the generosity of strangers for donations to cover their living expenses.

Please help.

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