Lives Worth Living

Lives Worth Living


The Lives Worth Living book will be sent out early next week, though we are still waiting for addresses from a few who have pledged but haven't responded to our request for their details to enable us to fulfil their pledges.

The website to accompany the book is also up and running. Please visit

Kind regards

Drummond Johnstone

Lives Worth Living


Dear Lives Worth Living Pledgers!

I have sent emails to everyone asking for your full name and address if you've pledged for one or more books. In case my email ended up in your trash, I'm sending a reminder through Crowdfunder. I would like to have the details by this Tuesday please.

Also, IT IS VITAL that I have your name to include in the list of supporters, if you signed up to that, by Tuesday 1st July midday. We are finishing the layout of the book this week and we won't be able to wait for stragglers! You can also phone me on 01363 776888.

Please send your name and address to  Many people have responded to my email, sent out on Thursday or Friday - no need to respond again!

Drummond Johnstone

Lives Worth Living


If you follow our Facebook page you may already know that we have exceeded our target, thanks to a massive injection of funds from Santander (from a competition run by Crowdfunder). We are now on £9800 and not only can we go ahead with our plans for the book and a website but can also do a lot more which we planned - hoping to achieve £10,000. I'll let you know how the extra funds will be spent.

Everyone involved is incredible excited that such a great project, with long-lasting benefits, will come to fruition. That is thanks to you and so many others who have given generously and who have helped to spread the word about Lives Worth Living. It has been an extraordinary effort by all.

Our project stays on Crowdfunder until next Thursday morning. It would still be good to get orders for the book, which will benefit the charities.

There are specific thanks to follow but please accept our gratitude to you for your support. Crowdfunder and Santander have done a special job for us too.

In case you don't follow us on Facebook -

Drummond Johnstone

Lives Worth Living


Thanks to your support, we are in a good position.  We have reached more than 60% of our target (with two and a half weeks to go) and several people are doing some fundraising and pre-selling copies of the Lives Worth Living book.

You may already know that we have been entered into a competition organized by Crowdfunder with Santander. It is for projects based in the South West that are social enterprise or charity ones. There is just one week to go as far as this competition is concerned. By this time next week we need to have added as many supporters as possible through pledges, and we could receive up to £3750. Can you help by asking friends and family to pledge (£5 would be fine!) and by sharing our Facebook page with them?

We have posted some information on our Facebook page about a beautiful quilt which has been given to us to help raise money for the project. The value is thought to be about £100 but we will accept offers by email to When it is sold we’ll post to that effect on FB and on the Crowdfunder page. See pic attached.

You’ve done a lot already but if you can help a bit more by persuading friends to become supporters of the project, that would be great. We’d love to reach 175 supporters by the end of this week! 


Lives Worth Living


We've reached more than 50% of our target but the really exciting news is that if we can win a competition that we've been entered for, funded by Santander (value £3750), we will actually have reached our target and the project becomes a reality.

To win the competition we have to have the most backers / supporters of the projects running in the South West which are social enterprise or charity projects, by June 13th. At present we are second, only a few short of the leader. All we need to do is to get as many people as possible to pledge - even only £5 - and those pledges will ensure the success of our project. Given the large number of people who are following our Facebook page ( and who have supported the authors, I'm very confident that we can get in lots more pledges. We are so nearly there!

Thanks again for your support, which we appreciate so much. If you can help just a bit more by persuading a few friends and family to pledge, that would make a big difference.

Drummond Johnstone