Liverpool Street

Liverpool Street

Two brothers go to war after they protect a treasured woman from surrendering the last of her livings to the provincial, crime family.

We did it!

On 16th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £560 with 22 supporters in 28 days

Actors wage and employment £6.70 is UK National Minimum Wage. We are hoping to at the very least pay our actors (10 of them) £536 for 2 weeks work on the film. That is 8 hours per day, 5 days a week for 2 weeks.

We have 10 main cast members as well as a writer, director and film production company to pay for, all of who will be officially credited on IMDB one of the industries most credited film databases. We are also aiming to pay the director and writer the same as the actors, the crew members fee will be included in the production company fee. We are in talks with a few companies but are waiting on an offical quote.

A sad statistic is that over 92% of actors are unemployed, the 8% who are employed are usually from higher class backgrounds or born in to the industry making it increasingly hard for working class actors from poorer areas and families to get opportunity in the industry. With increasing tution in credited drama schools and loans becoming harder to get our working class actors are being priced out of an over crowded, overly expensive industry. What our aim is to do is to employ talented working class actors who wouldn't have had this opportunity and to  make a fantastic film that they can be proud of, use on their CV and use the footage to hopefully get a foot in the door within the industry and some of the top agents.

Once we have gotten past the wages and expenses we then have to look at props, locations and costume. With this being a period peice we will have a high costume bill. 

Character Costume ⦁ Jenny - X3 Dresses, X1 Cardigan, X1 Shoes = £90⦁ Ruby X3 Dresses, X1 Cardigan, X1 Shoes = £90 ⦁ Mrs Ellis X2 Dresses, X1 Cardigan, X1 Shoes = £70 ⦁ Patrick O'Donnell X2 Suits, X1 Over coat, X1 Shoes, X4 Shirts = £190⦁ John O'Donnell X2 Baggy Pants, X1 Shoes, X4 Shirts, X1 Jacket = £120 ⦁ Paul O'Donnell X2 Blazers, X2 Pants, X1 Shoes, X4 Shirts = £140 ⦁ Chris O'Donnell X1 Baggy Jeans, X3 T-Shirts, X1 Shoes, X1 Jacket = £90⦁ Tommy Ward X3 Suits, X1 Overcoat, X1 Shoes, X4 Shirts = £240 ⦁ Jimmy Ward X3 Suits, X1 Overcoat, X1 Shoes, X4 Shirts = £240 ⦁ Big Lou X2 Baggy Pants, X1 Shoes, X1 Cardigan, X4 Shirts = £110All main cast costumes for the entire feature film = £1,380

Marketing We are looking on securing free marketing, we are using social media as our main source, Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr. We have secured an interview with Turnabout Media and House of Scouse as well as an article in Liverpool Echo through our former college City of Liverpool College Arts Centre and there promotions company Kenyans PR Group.


Aim for the future Our aims are to take the film to multiple film festivles accross the UK next year and then hopefully to an even wider audience in european festivals. Our dream is to get a small cinematic release and a dvd distribution deal. We truly want to take this film all the way to the top for everyone involved, however this won't be possible if we can't secure funding from as many sources as possible.

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