Live The Dream

Live The Dream

To Raise 1 Million Pounds to live the dream

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


This probably wont be a success but there is always a chance so here goes.!!!

Im a 33 year old family man who works very hard. I am always wanting to live the dream and spend more time with my family. If every person was kind enough to donate 50p or even £1 this could give me the chance to break into an amzing life style.

I was thinking about this and thought if someone else was trying to break the boundaries and create something from nothing for literally people just being kind and donating something so small it could totally change there lifes, I would 100% give them a small fee. Communties and people work as a team and if people were to do this, not only is it kind but it could change my life totally. Im not going to go on about a sob story or anything like that as This is just an experiment to see if people would actually think, wowwww thats quite a good idea, if I can give 50p or £1 and this could change someones life and i wont even notice this from my finances, Why Not???

If this interests you and you think why not lets give this guy an oppurtuntiy then I very much appreciate it, if not then no bother, and thankyou for reading this.

All the Best and Thanks for your time.