Live off & store your own free energy - Inter-rupt

Live off & store your own free energy - Inter-rupt

Live off and store your own free green energy! The compact flywheel energy store irradicates energy suppliers and cuts your carbon footprint

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 7:18pm 10th October 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 7:18pm 10th October 2018

One question...Are you going to help #savetheplanet?

Bringing affordable green energy to everyone, your home, businesses and vehicles. The flywheel energy store makes living off renewable energy possible.

At Inter-rupt we want to give everyone the ability to live off green energy without the huge price tag. A low cost energy harvesting system (suitable for your home/business) alongside the compact flywheel energy store makes this possible.

Think of it like growing your own veg - but it's energy, and less effort!

Be energy independent, energy secure and radically shrink your carbon footprint, live the greener way. 

What makes this so different to what's out there?

The flywheel energy store is compact and very energy dense, better than anything we have on the market. It is estimated one unit can hold a minimum of 23kWh, and is only the size of a football! Over 1000Wh/litre. Batteries are 250-600Wh/litre. 

A bank of units for an average home would hold 1-2 month's energy, so even if you had no harvesting ability, you would have a reserve of 2 month's energy at home! 

But add a harvesting system, solar panels, a small domestic wind-turbine, and you'll NEVER HAVE A POWER CUT AGAIN. You'll always have more than enough energy, even in the darkest winters, you'll always be able to live off entirely renewable energy. 

Who's behind the campaign and their experience?


Abigail Carson, mechanical engineer, creator of Inter-rupt and the flywheel energy store has created a solution that brings the idea of living off green energy to life! 

She is extremely passionate about living 'the greener way' and is working her way towards solving the energy crisis. Bringing the flywheel energy store to life is part of it.

If you have questions, or would like to know more before you donate, please feel free to email: 

or visit 

 How can it help all of us?

The flywheel energy store has so many applications, wherever energy is, the flywheel can help. 

  • Pumping water to isolated areas. 
  • Providing alternative propulsion on every type of vehicle. (potentially a 2000 mile range, with under 1 minute charging time)
  • Turning your home or business into an off-grid system and relying solely on renewable energy, never paying an energy supplier again!


What is going to happen with this campaign and the funds raised?

The money raised by this campaign will support the international phase of the global patent (pending) and source materials for the prototypes and testing.

A manufacturer has already agreed to lend their facilities and expertise to get the flywheel ready for consumers - at no cost! So the missing piece is the materials to make it happen.

With a working prototype 'in the lab' we'll then go on to push the flywheel energy store to it's limits. We'll need to carry out extensive testing, which will lead to a consumer trial, you could be one of the first to ever go 'off grid'!

So one last question..... Are you going to help #savetheplanet ?


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