Live events for Epileptic people to attend

Live events for Epileptic people to attend

Raise enough money to be able to start a series of live events for epileptic people to attend.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

At 2Piece we are planning a new series of Events called 'THE EPIDEMIC SERIES'. 

These events will be free from lighting which may Trigger seizures for epileptic people.

We will be booking some of the best headline acts, local DJs and sound systems with the money from your donations and extra money put in from our pockets. We can assure you that anyone attending these events will have the best experience possible!

There are many people who suffer from epilepsy and can not go out and enjoy the crazy night life. This is completely unfair and Something needs to be done about this. We hope with help from you, we can be the people to accomplish this problem. We appreciate every donation that is given even if it is a penny.

Thank you for your time, and we hope soon you will be seeing a lot from us.

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