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by Anjali Paul in New Delhi, , India


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The aim is to write and publish a textbook of English grammar and provide free online lessons on You Tube and Facebook to go with the book.

by Anjali Paul in New Delhi, , India

About Me

My name is Anjali. I am a published author, poetess and self-taught artist. I work as a freelance writer and copy-editor. I have a B.A. Honours Degree in English Literature and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Film-Making. I am qualified to teach adults in further education and I am also a fully qualified yoga teacher. You can see my full career history here on LinkedIn. I grew up in England and I currently live in India. I am a British Citizen and an Overseas Citizen of India, which means I can live and work in both places legally.


The Idea

I have been living in Delhi, India for two years and many people have asked me to teach them and their children English. They are working men and women who work very long hours for very little pay and they know that if they improve their command of English, they will get better jobs and earn more money. They want that for their children too. They do not have much money or time so they cannot afford to go to coaching centres. However, they do have smartphones, as smartphones can be bought quite cheaply in India. So, I decided to write a textbook of English grammar and make a full course of short free lessons on English grammar, which I will upload on YouTube and Facebook, and which people can access via their smartphones. I have a YouTube account and a Facebook page and you can check them out here:

Facebook Page

Anjali TV on YouTube

You can also check out my Amazon Author Page if you like.

You can even check out my Notion Press Author Page in India if you want.

How It Will Work

The lessons will be free and the people who want to learn can watch them on their smartphones. If they find the lessons useful, they can also buy the textbook, which will be published before the end of January 2020 at an affordable price. It will be published as a paperback and as an ebook worldwide on all the Amazon websites and in India through a similar publisher called Notion Press. I am writing the textbook now and it is going well and according to plan. I will start making the free online lessons after I have finished the book and I will begin to upload the free online lessons on YouTube and Facebook from January/February 2020 onwards. Obviously, I hope the people who watch the online lessons will buy the textbook because that will make me money, and it will also help them to have the book so that they can refer to it. The free lessons will help to market the book but they will also make up a complete course by themselves, as I passionately believe that the only way to eradicate poverty is through education, and education should be free for everyone.

How I Will Use the Money

I will buy a new laptop, as mine is getting old and the keyboard does not work so I have to use a plug-in keyboard. I will also buy a broadcast quality video camera, a microphone, software that enables me to make training videos so I can make the online lessons look professional, and adobe cc (a full creative suite that has a brilliant video editing program as well as photoshop and everything else I need to make high-quality professional video lessons). 

In addition, I will register this project as a charitable trust or an NGO.

If there is any money left after paying the lawyers and accountants, I will use it to support myself while I do this work.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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A thank you email containing an inspirational image and quote that I made, to brighten up your day.

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A free pdf of the grammar textbook, delivered to your email address.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

A free paperback copy of the grammar textbook, delivered to you via Amazon.

£75 or more

£75 reward

A free paperback copy of the grammar textbook plus a free paperback copy of one of the following books. Check them out on my author site on before deciding which one you want. Both books will be delivered to you via Amazon. 1.The Difference between Sociopaths and Psychopaths 2.The Master 3.Sleight of Hand 4.Poems about Love and Life and Staring Out of Windows at Trees 5.Some of the Places I Visited in Hell

£100 or more

£100 Reward

A free paperback copy of the grammar textbook plus a free paperback copy of my novel The Virgin Goddess plus a free paperback copy of any one of my other books. Check them out on my author site on and decide which one you want. All three books will be delivered to you via Amazon.

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