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Little Wild Things is a Community Interest Company which aims to connect children with the natural world. We will run exciting hands-on sessions in a local woodland which will inspire children to love nature through positive outdoor experiences. We are fundraising for a minibus to transport the children to and from the woodland site, which will provide a dynamic and stimulating environment for play and learning. We will take a large number of local children out into the natural world every week, enriching our community and helping our children to become passionate and caring adults of the future.

We did it!

On 9th Apr 2014 we successfully raised £6,605 of £6,500 target with 69 supporters in 56 days

Little Wild Things is dedicated to connecting children with nature through positive and inspiring outdoor experiences

Who are we?

We're Chris and Charlotte and we met doing what we love best – inspiring children about nature. We're passionate about getting children outside and twelve years of combined experience in environmental education has convinced us of its importance both for the individual child and the wider community. We’re setting up a new community interest company called Little Wild Things which will bring inspiring outdoor sessions to the children of West Oxfordshire. We have a level 3 Forest School leaders qualification, and training in paediatric first aid, emotional literacy and storytelling, plus plenty of energy and enthusiasm! As a community interest company, Little Wild Things will reinvest any profits to provide further opportunities for local children and families.

 What do we do?

We will run regular woodland sessions for pre-school children to attend through the local nurseries or with their parents, plus holiday and after-school clubs for older children. We have permission from a local land owner to use an area of woodland, and will transport the children to and from the site in a minibus. During a session children will be encouraged to explore and play through activities specifically designed to further their interest in the natural world. Activities might include bug hunting, mud painting or den building. We hope that through Little Wild Things, many of the local children will become confident outdoors and learn to love and take an interest in nature from an early age.


Why is it so important?

Our children spend less time playing outdoors than in any previous generation. This has led to them becoming disconnected from nature at exactly the time when the environmental challenges we face require everyone to take an interest in the natural world. Children must experience nature if they are to learn to love it, so our project aims to give children positive outdoor experiences which help to reconnect them with the natural world. As well as learning to value and care for our planet, our outdoor sessions will provide a huge variety of developmental and health benefits to enrich the lives of the children we reach.

What are we fundraising for?

We are trying to raise £6,500 to buy a secondhand minibus. We estimate the minibus will cost around £5,500 and we would need £1,000 for servicing, licenses and branding. The minibus will provide essential transport for the children to and from the woodland site. We want there to be greater opportunities for outdoor nature play for children and their parents in Oxfordshire. Our town has an amazing selection of activities on offer for children, but there is currently nothing that makes the most of the varied and wonderful environment on our doorstep. With a small minibus, we can take a large number of the local children out into the natural world every week, thereby enriching our community and helping our children to become passionate and caring adults of the future.

We hope you've enjoyed reading about Little Wild Things and feel as passionate about connecting our children with nature as we do. We've got lots of wonderful homemade rewards for those who feel able to give and hope they will inspire you and your family to go out and about and get muddy!

Thanks so much for your interest and support and please help us by spreading the word.

If you would like any more information on Little Wild Things please don’t hesitate to get in touch at

Love, bugs and sticks,

Chris and Charlotte

Little Wild Things - Come out to play!

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