The Little White Book, Wedding Directory

The Little White Book, Wedding Directory

Help us support brides and grooms to create a wedding less ordinary, by supporting the funding of our supplier finder and review tool.

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Every year lots of Brides and Grooms start their hunt to find the best wedding suppliers out there. Some of the best suppliers are like hidden gems. That’s why we are developing an online supplier directory called The Little White Book. Our supplier directory will enable Brides and Grooms to find the very best wedding suppliers. What’s more, through the ability to submit reviews, those suppliers that go the extra mile will really stand out. We really want the directory to showcase what the suppliers can do to make your wedding less ordinary. We want it to be stunning and very easy to navigate and use.


Who are Creative Wedding Co?


Creative Wedding Co is a wedding blog! We have one single mission and that is to help brides and grooms make their own wedding less ordinary! We love helping people. We take joy in supporting couples to make their day unique. We use our blog to help brides and grooms to plan their wedding. We try out new ideas so couples can see the effect. We suggest ways in which couples can personalise their day and really entertain their guests.


We started our blog in 2015 and this year we have seen significant growth. Here is our landing page:



As you can see we have spent a lot of time getting the look and feel of our website right to meet our reader’s high expectations.


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Wedding suppliers

How will you benefit from supporting now? By being on the site and getting some excellent value deals. Far from being just another website listing, we will support you to show off your wedding business; with help to write your listing and to process your pictures. With our effective PR and marketing strategy we will raise the profile of every wedding supplier that takes part.

A preview of our future packages can be found here: Little White Book Advertising Packages Preview. You will see there is ove 50% off some of our prices through crowfunder. So don't delay join now!!

Brides and Grooms to be

If you are a bride or groom to be, pledge to help us bring this directory to life. We will make your life easier by pulling together all the very best suppliers in one place. If you pledge enough we can also offer you our e-book which we are launching at the end of February.


Anyone else?

If you are a fellow lover of weddings and really want to support many Brides and Grooms to be, then invest in our directory! Your funding will support couples for years to come.



About Kristina, Founder of Creative Wedding Co.


I am Kristina, and founder of Creative Wedding Co (www.creativeweddingco). I got married last year, and I am obsessed with weddings.I love helping people, so the Creative Wedding Co is the perfect way for us to support Brides and Grooms! I really want to help couples to create the most perfect wedding and enjoy their day just as much as we did.


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With love

Kristina and the team at Creative Wedding Co.