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Our goal is to finish and release our debut record, 'Under The Patio'. With no gigs to raise the funds, we need your help!

by Little Thief in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

During lockdown, in between delivering bread (thanks Forest Bakery for taking on the waifs and stray musicians of Bristol!), we have been working on a brand spanking new album. In the little lockdown ease, we managed to slip off to Wales to a remote farmhouse and set up in an empty barn to write. We currently have 16 demos which we are super excited about, and can't wait to take to a proper studio. If your hearts are so generous and kind that we exceed our overall  target, we will be using the rest to get into a recording studio, and make the second album! Costs will include: Studio time, recording engineer and producer.

Why we need your help

Firstly, a huge thank you for taking the time to visit our Crowdfunder page. It seems like a whole lifetime ago that we were able to casually have a drink with friends at the pub, have a family meal or watch a live band sweating it out on stage as our feet stuck to the rumbling floor of a music venue. We hope that you have all been surviving the best you can at this super weird time! 

To get straight to the point (well, almost!), we are now a self-funded band, and are unable to play shows as a way of drumming up the cash needed to release a record. With small businesses, bars, venues and the music/arts industry in general falling to the unforgiving hands of Covid 19, we are turning to you to ask for help in finishing and releasing our record, 'Under The Patio'.

Although smashing drums and belting out choruses costs us nothing, the mastering engineers, videographers, artwork designers, PR wizards, photographers & distributers  (to name a few) need to be paid for their hard work in getting our album out there, even before we get to printing and pressing physical copies to send to you. By pre-ordering a vinyl, buying a t-shirt, or even just donating a few quid as your good deed for the day, you'll be playing a huge part in helping us. We've come up with some super cool rewards for your generosity, which you can check out over on the right. 

The band

1614425280_r&f_lt.jpgFitz and Rhii's raucous riffs and thunderous drums collided back in 2015, when they slipped off after a rehearsal with former band 'Bombs' to come together as a mischievous two-piece and had the freedom to belt it out until the early hours in a way that only a duo allows. This new sound got the two hooked, and from there, Little Thief was born. The band quickly became the duo's primary focus, and they took to the road to gig at festivals and venues around the UK and Europe. As the twosome began selling out headline shows in their hometown of Bristol and became a festival favourite around the UK, they expanded their line-up to match their growing sound with heavy riff-bass aficionado, Paul Hopkins and later, slick sexy synth from Ryan Rogers.

With interest in the band quickly growing, they were welcomed into the warm hands of independent record label, Funnel music, who paired them with heavyweights such as Kill It Kid's own tub-thumper Marc McNab Jack and Grammy nominated producer and engineer, Bruno Ellingham who helped shape them into the band they are today. With a new record under their belt (almost!), the band are ready to step up to the plate and deliver this long awaited fresh sound to their eager audience. 

With the financial pressures of Covid decimating  the arts industry, Funnel Records sadly are no more, and the bright future of these new and upcoming rock and rollers has been put on hold. This is why the band are looking to you to help them finish their record, and get back on the road.


The record so far

Back in 2018 BC (Before Covid), back when hi-fives and face touching were a thing, we had the honour of sitting in the same room as heavyweight producer Stew Jackson (Massive Attack) who filled our heads with gritty themes and an unguarded delving into the macabre, resulting in a bold new album, embracing the messiness of being human. We had the honour of laying down the tracks at Rockfield studios, and even managed to finish and release a few before the dreaded plague hit us all. We have since been unable to move forward in getting this music into your hands. We are excited at the prospect of finally delivering this epic cacophony of jagged and soulful sounds, with the new sleek maturity that has been injected into the band.



With major labels paying over £50,000 on releasing an album for huge artists, it's difficult to keep up. Even though we are not looking for anywhere near that amount, any help we do get will go directly towards finishing the record, getting the vinyls made, printing t-shirts, making music videos and PR. 

Here is our financial plan for the release:


Here's the breakdown:

Vinyl pressing, vinyl design, and mastering 31%

Pressing, duplication with printed sleeves, designs for record sleeve, USB drive cassette design

Total: £2750

Digital album on USB drives, plus tees and album art prints 16%

Tees, tee design, artwork prints, cassette USB duplication

Total: £1400

Videos and promo, photos for press 33%

2x music videos, 1x live video, 1x promotional video for the record & press shots 

Total: £3000

PR and marketing costs 21%

PR, singles promotions, record promotion, physical promotion, social media promotions, playlisting

Total: £1850

This comes to a grand total of £9000, and we are looking to raise half through your kind donations and pre-orders. 

GOAL: £4500

Thank you

We want to say a massive thank you in advance for your interest in keeping the arts alive and supporting independent artists.  At this very strange time, where we can't go to the pub or buy a ticket to a live show, we thank you for your support in funding this record, keeping the band alive and moving forward. We hope that you are as excited as we are to finally hear a full album from us, and we vow to keep bringing you new music and live shows in return. THANK YOU. 

Now go check out the rewards, and get yourself a big dose of great karma!


We ask project owners to honour their rewards wherever possible but please note that all pledges are donations and there is no guarantee that you will receive any rewards from the project owner. Please see our Terms of Use for more information regarding rewards for pledges.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£60 or more

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Tickets and merch pledge

You get two tickets to our album launch show in September, an exclusive vinyl, tee and the album artwork print to display proudly on your wall. Extra points if you wear your tee at the show! Of course, you'll also get your name printed on the vinyl sleeve, and membership to the Little Thieves crewdem.

£10 or more

The "Pint and a packet of crisps"pledge

A digital download of the record with PDF artwork. You will also get membership to the Little Thieves VIP crewdem and first listen to the record.

£20 or more

The "CDs are dead" pledge

Pledge £20 to pre-order your copy of the record on a special edition 8GB cassette-style USB stick with some special exclusive content, which will be personally posted to you, signed sealed and delicious. You will also get: First listen to the record & membership to the Little Thieves VIP crewdem

£20 or more

Exclusive Vinyl pre-order

Pledge £20 to pre-order your copy of the record on a special edition vinyl which will be personally posted to you, signed sealed and delicious. You will also get: - Your name on the inside cover of the vinyl - First listen to the record - Membership to the Little Thieves VIP crewdem

£30 or more

The "Dirty Gertie" superdeal

What a champ you are. We'll send you the record, and throw in a T-shirt too! Choose between an exclusive vinyl, or an 8GB cassette-style USB stick with a digital copy of the record and some exclusive content. You will also get: Your name on the inside cover of the vinyl, first listen to the record & membership to the Little Thieves VIP crewdem.

£40 or more

The "Above and beyond" pledge

Wow, thanks pal! We'll send you a signed copy of the record on an exclusive vinyl, a T-shirt, and a print of the album artwork so that you can stick it on your wall and feel like you're back at college. You're also giving above and beyond to help us get closer to our target, yes mate! You will also get: Your name on the inside cover of the vinyl, first listen to the record & membership to the Little Thieves VIP crewdem.

£50 or more

The "LEGEND" pledge

Some people are just truly legends by nature. You know the one, the awesome one who calls "and a round of shots for the table!" out of the kindness of their god-damn beautiful hearts. This pledge throws a little extra help our way. We'll also send you an exclusive vinyl, plus two tickets to our album launch show in Sept, print of the artwork, and a T-shirt that we suggest you wear as a cape. Legend. (Oh, and your name on the record under "Legend"

£50 or more

1 of 4 claimed

The "Smash Bang" pledge

If you've always wanted to give drums a go and just never quite got round to it, (or maybe your daughter, niece or little brother), then this one is for you. Come and smash the kit with Rhii for an hour lesson at Little Thief HQ, and Fitz might even make you a cuppa. You'll also get a copy of the exclusive vinyl, and membership to the Little Thieves VIP crew. (No experience needed!)

£100 or more

The "HERO" pledge

If you are real-life hero and want to pledge £100 to help us get this record out, we bow down to you and thank you from the bottoms of our bottoms/hearts. Of course we'll send you a signed copy of the exclusive vinyl, a tee and a print of the artwork, but will also be forever grateful to you as you're making a huge difference to us. Your name will be printed on the inside of the vinyl under "HERO".

£120 or more

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The "Drummer in the making" pledge

That new year's resolution can finally come true! Three drum lessons with Rhii for you or a friend or relative. No age restrictions and no experience necessary. You'll also get a copy of the record on an exclusive vinyl and membership to the Little Thieves VIP crew.

£150 or more

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The "Master" pledge

This truly selfless act pays for one of our tracks to be mastered for vinyl. Super-charge our campaign with your munificent generosity, and get us well on our way to our goal. This good deed also gets you an exclusive vinyl and your name on the record sleeve. We salute you.

£160 or more

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The "Kumbaya" pledge

Got a song you've been working on but haven't quite finished or recorded yet? Well here ya go! Let's get that finished and sprinkle some Fitzy magic on that puppy! Come down to Little Thief HQ and record your acoustic track with Fitz, and we'll even give you one of our lovely vinyls too. There's only one of these available gang, so grab it quick if ya want it!

£300 or more

0 of 1 claimed

The "Sledgehammer" pledge

Have your song fully produced by Fitz and Rhii at Little Thief HQ, featuring drums by Rhii and guitar by Fitz on your track. We'll help you jazz down those verses, beef up your choruses and leave you with a finished, fully produced track to show your mum at Christmas. You get an exclusive vinyl too.

£400 or more

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The "I'm keeping a Keeping" Pledge

The stunning one-off, beautifully framed, physical pieces of artwork that became our album art are currently hanging in our living room. Designed by artist David Keeping, one of these amazing pieces is for sale and might even be collectors items one day ;) Of course we'll throw in an exclusive, signed vinyl too. (This piece is signed by Keeping himself. Please ask us for any details such as dimensions.)

£500 or more

0 of 2 claimed

The "Two Piece" pledge

Book us for a stripped-back but lively show as a two-piece band. We'll perform our original songs and even throw in some fun covers for good measure for your party, event or back-garden blowout. We'll provide the PA to make your party pop, and throw in a couple of exclusive vinyls too! (Set length is one hour, do pop us a message at [email protected] for any more details!)

£800 or more

The "Book the band" pledge

Book the full band for a proper full-on Little Thief set, doing what we do best. We'll have all members, and will play a full hour of our originals. This is perfect for festivals! We'll also give you a full care-package of merch and records too. (No PA provided)

£1,600 or more

0 of 1 claimed

The "Full Works" pledge

Book the band to play 2 x 45 minute sets of originals, with all members and a full PA provided. This is perfect for a wedding or large-scale event. We'll also throw in a full care-package of merch and records.

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