Little & Lost

Little & Lost

An aspiring student making a dream a reality by creating her own book about a fox on a journey, meeting many animals on the way.

We did it!

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It may be cliche, but my book being sold and on a shelf is my dream.


I am a college student, I study graphic design. A long time ago at the start of my course we did a project, you either re-design a book that you thought needed more or create your own book. I've always like to challenge myself, so I was one of the only people in my group to make my own book. My idea was a lost fox, who can't find his mother, he goes on a journey through his forest and and runs in to many animals on the way. 


That entire project? It sparked this passion I had for wanting to create my book, I did it by screenprint. Now I want to re-create my book digitally, and get myself published. It's a big dream for a student, but it's an achievable one. There's a million people that want to publish their own book, but it's something I want to make a reality for myself. The book will be a story, a journey for children, boys and girls. A woodland tale, to teach children different woodland animals. Thankyou for your time and thankyou for consideration! All the best,


Bethanny-mae Harley.

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