Little lights of hope

by James duffy in Lanark, Scotland, United Kingdom

Little lights of hope
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Lifting people in times of need

by James duffy in Lanark, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hello my name is Hamish. I was so impressed at the passion and momentum of Alex salmond a crowd funder cause and thought if we could raise monies and hope for less financially fortunate individuals and families. This is a new project that I would be very keen to see take off and actually benefit everyone. Whether it’s someone on low income who can’t afford to buy their children shoes or perhaps someone struggling to pay household bills or perhaps buying someone a membership to the SNP party .. there is no reason through no fault of their own they cannot get the basic things we all take for granted . I am genuine in my request to raise monies and start sharing it out  let’s show the uk government just how a progressive, fair and equal society looks out for each and everyone of us .

Many thanks


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