Little House "London"

Project by dimitrios.c
Little House "London"

A project funded by the community for the community

We did it!

On 6th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £3 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Project aim

The aim of this project is to assist young people who want to get on the property ladder achieve their dream while helping the wider community.

About the project

An attempt to see how much the community would offer to assist with a purchase of a flat in London - if this works then more people would be able to afford their dream properties and the community would grow stronger. Even a small amount can make a huge difference to someone's life.

Starting with London and aiming to expand to other cities


The whole idea of the rewards is that they will raise money for the young people who want to get onto the property ladder and also help the local community by buying local products and contributing to the hard working people. To my mind this is money going to the local people. The postman, the shop keeper, the pub/restaurant who serves all those people, they all benefit indirectly. I never intended this to be purely a charity campaign but a way of stimulating trade and investment. 

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