Little Heartbeats - Pprom Awareness in Pregnancy

Raising PPROM awareness in pregnancy also known as when your waters break early which can cause premature births and can lead to baby loss

We did it!

On 7th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £536 of £500 target with 26 supporters in 49 days

New stretch target

We will be setting up as a charity and using the funds to use for resources such as flyers and for promoting awareness, investment to expand our webpage and raise enough to keep the webpage site going.

if we get backing successful, any other funds will put towards a stem membrane project for UCLH 

- deposit for a shop / office headquarters 

- ongoing costs for sending our PPROM packs out 

- adverts for raising PPROM awareness 

- a stem membrane project for UCLH 

What our aim is for this crowd-funder

We support pregnant mums / moms through their PPROM journeys Worldwide. Recently we have started to send out PPROM information packs to all who request these via our Facebook page and via email. Our main goal is to be able to gain charity status and have a headquarters in which we hope to be a combined office and shop, this will help us to keep the funding flowing as we go along, as like most great things we all have to start small! Please visit our website here; and Follow us on Facebook by clicking here and please keep reading our stories of PPROM below and the reasons why we need to become a charity in order to keep up our mission of support to our pregnant mothers! We want investment to fund

We want investment to carry on funding our PPROM packs, to pay for the PPROM awareness banners as seen below and pay for more PPROM flyers to go to every hospital, doctors surgery, childrens centre to promote PPROM awareness, and also invest in PPROM adverts to get our message out there that our parents are 'NOT ALONE'

Why invest and what do we do? 

Here at Little Heartbeats we are all mothers , fathers, and families who have first-hand experience of suffering PPROM and those experiences differ across the board. 

Firstly we built a source of information and support, helping to improve the general awareness of the pregnancy-related condition, medically known as PPROM. Secondly as an appeal for donations to help fund our pprom packs and also to fund medical studies that aim to seek a better understanding of the causes and therefore ultimately prevention of this potentially devastating event. And finally as a platform from which to voice an opinion based on real experience as to how the medical professionals involved in childbirth might improve their understanding, treatment, and care of PPROM patients. 

What is PPROM in pregnancy? 

PROM is the acronym for Preterm Prelabour Rupture Of Membranes.

This is otherwise known as when the waters break prior to 37 weeks during pregnancy and is associated with 40 percent of premature births. These waters, known as the amniotic fluid, protects your baby from injury. It also helps in preventing infection being passed from mother to baby. As soon as the waters break the risks of infection to both mother and baby are high. Therefore good management of care at this stage is key to treating this condition successfully.  Click here to see our PPROM presentation

Our PPROM awareness Flyers 

  • UK Flyers - to buy further 10,000 would cost us £120 
  • Australian Flyers - to supply 5000 to Australia will cost us $250 dollars
  • USA Flyers - Cost us £180 for 2500 

Why do we send out our PPROM packs? 

Firstly our mums and dads expecting their baby's who are impacted with PPROM want to know more about their condition, and secondly to ensure our parents are empowered to having the knowledge to discuss their pregnancy with the medical professionals

Secondly to ensure our parents are empowered to having the knowledge to discuss their pregnancy with the medical professionals

Thirdly to have a comfort mascot to let them know they are not alone and regardless of their journey endings have their baby heartbeat forever recorded, and the idea of the PPROM journal is to keep a note of events of their journey and the colouring book is to help them relax and distress. 

PPROM packs consist of;

  • PPROM info 
  • Heartbeat Animal to record baby heartbeat or parents voice to leave with baby or vice versa if our pregnant mums receive this while waiting for our pack 
  • PPROM journal notepad & a pen - to record their PPROM journey 
  • Adult Colouring Book with Colouring Pencils and a Pencil Sharpener 
  • Medical Sticker
  • Currently, we only send our wristbands to our UK mums, we need investment to send to USA & Australia 
  • Postage and packing for each pack cost from £6 up to £19 dependant which country we send to! 

See below 'Our PPROM packs' so far we have sent these to UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man & South Africa  

 See how our Little Heartbeat Mascot works by watching our video below 

Pledge Rewards 

* Car stickers & Fridge Magnets: Costs to UK:- £3 each, USA & Canada:- $6 Dollars, Australia, $8, New Zealand, $9

* PPROM Journal Notepads, Costs to UK £4.00each, USA $8Dollars, Australia & New Zealand, $11 Dollars

* Wristbands or keyrings or pens: Costs to UK:- £3 each, USA & Canada:- $6 Dollars, Australia, $8, New Zealand $9

  • 38mm badges or 25mm badges, Costs to UK:- £2 each, USA & Canada:- $5 Dollars, Australia & New Zealand $7

Read our parents stories of PPROM in pregnancy below, 

Meet Josh 

Mum Lucy, PPROM at 19weeks Confirmed at 20 wks 5days. Josh born at 35weeks +4 days
Born in the UK

My first pregnancy my son was born at 29 weeks due to pre-eclampsia. He weighed 2lb 4 and spent 6 weeks in SCBU (Special care baby unit). He is now a happy healthy 8year old with no long term problems and mild asthma.

My partner and I decided to try for a baby at the beginning of this year and we're delighted to find out in Feb we were pregnant. After previous complications, I was assured I would be monitored well. The start of the pregnancy was perfect no issues at all. My twelve-week scan went well. I had also booked a 3D scan at 16 weeks and found out we were having another little boy. My son was so pleased. Also, I had been booked in by a specialist at 18weeks just to be monitored. Again this scan showed a healthy developing baby no concerns at all.

A few days after my scan I woke up to find I wet the bed. I initially thought this was funny and part of pregnancy being incompetent. This happened again over the next few nights. I put it down to pregnancy symptoms. I can also remember having mild cramps and looking on the internet about it. It stated it was just part of your uterus expanding. Little did I know what was really happening? On the 17th June this year I had my 20-week scan when I was 20+5. We were a little late due to parking and roadworks but they eventually decided to see us.    Initially, the sonography didn't say anything. She did checks and said they were ok. We were happily talking to the assistant who lived in our area. Then I was informed. The sonographer said I'm really concerned about the fluid levels around your baby. I'm sending you to a consultant. We kept asking her what this meant but she refused to comment. We were then sent to a different area where a really friendly midwife was completely sympathetic to us. I still didn't know why and by the time the consultant arrived I had googled the situation and realized how bad it was. Read more here:  Read the rest of Lucy story here

Meet Faris,

Mum Davinia pprom'd 21+2, no measurable fluids, delivered 27+4 doctors told me to terminate this lil fella, I can't imagine life now if I had listened to them.
"Where There Is a Heartbeat There is Hope!"

It was a normal morning in my house on January 6th 2016 (gestation 21 weeks and 2 days, 1 week to the day that I had seen my midwife and also had my 20-week scan), I had been awake since 3am but that wasn’t unusual for me, however I usually managed to get back to sleep but for some reason this time I couldn’t so at approximately 6am I decided to get up and get ready for work – (I work as a Senior Procurement Manager at our local hospital). I sat up in bed ready to start the day when I felt a popping sensation down below, to start with I wasn’t overly concerned but as I proceeded to get out of bed I felt water trickle down my leg, I went to the toilet and realized that my pajama bottoms were a little wet, again I still didn’t feel concerned as I wondered if maybe it was my bladder due to the pressure etc. Roughly 10 mins later the same happened again but only this time there was more water, this time I knew it wasn’t right and in a panicked stricken state I dialed 111 the NHS Direct line. The lady on the other end of the phone went through standard questions with regards to gestation (I was able to keep composed – just, at this stage) she then went on to ask me if I could see or feel the head of the baby or the umbilical cord, it was at this moment I fell apart as I realized what had happened and how serious it was. I couldn’t see or fell the head but she told me that an ambulance would be there as soon as possible and that I needed to go into hospital.

I called my Mum who at the time lived around the corner as my 8-year-old son was at home (still in bed) with me and I was worried that he would be scared when he saw the ambulance. My mum turned up to be with Isaac and 5 mins later the ambulance arrived, they did my observations and asked many questions and proceeded to call the maternity ward at the hospital in order to make them aware I will be going in. My son Isaac was awake and up now and was extremely worried and sad when he saw that Mummy was being taken to hospital by ambulance, Isaac had wanted a younger brother or sister for a long time now and all he kept saying was “is it my baby brother Mummy?”

I arrived at the hospital and was taken straight up to the maternity ward where I saw a midwife and was waiting to see a Consultant, we were at the hospital I worked in. I was given a speculum examination where it was confirmed that my waters had broken due to them being able to see pooling. The next bit and words still haunt me and physically make me sick, bearing in mind I hadn’t lost any more waters since being at home which was probably maybe 2 egg cups full and that I hadn’t been given a scan to see my fluid levels the consultant said “You waters have defiantly broken and you need to terminate your pregnancy as soon as possible, you will go into labour within 48 – 72 hours, you will get an infection and to be kind to your baby you need to do the right thing, your young, fit and healthy and can go onto have another baby, if you proceed with this pregnancy you will miscarry or your baby will be born severely disabled and probably brain dead, I will give you 10 mins to have a think then we can book you in to go upstairs and have everything removed!” naturally myself and my husband broke down but within seconds I replied and told her “I don’t need 10 mins, I don’t need 10 seconds to make a decision, I will not terminate this pregnancy, you haven’t even given me a scan to see my fluid levels, my baby and mother nature will decide on this pregnancy not you or I!”

At 16 weeks I had even had a 3D scan and found out I was having a boy, my son Isaac who is 8 at the time was so excited – he was going to be a big brother, we were ecstatic! We decided on the name Faris which is Arabic as my husband is Egyptian, Faris in Arabic means Knight. 

She (the consultant) left the room and I was in floods of tears when my husband told me to look out of the window (that morning the weather was awful, wet, cold and windy) when I looked out of the window I saw beautiful sun, my husband then said "Vinny look at the clouds" when I looked I saw the clouds had formed a letter F, my husband saw the clouds had formed the shape of a baby like what you would see on a scan picture and he also saw the name Faris in Arabic (they write from right to left), to us that was a sign that we must continue with this pregnancy and that I must fight for him just like any mother would do, my mind was made up! 

Meet Baby Ava

mum Jo, PPROM at 30weeks, pushed over to 36 plus 5days and sadly Ava did not make it, if only if we had our posters up, who knows if Ava would be here today, help us outreached to our pregnant mums so there are no more Ava's, Ava should be here had she been delivered at 34weeks not later than 36weeks! 

If only PPROM was taken more seriously and more and more invested in our campaign, you would think gaining 100,000 signatures in memory of Ava and all our other babies gone too soon would be as easy as eating a slice of cake!!Meet-Baby-Ava-Campaigning-for-change-for-PPROM/cedj/56cdf99d0cf2836ff5d73bcb

Meet Jesse James 

Mum Tammy, PPROM at 20weeks 4

days and birth at 30wks 4 days

Our posters have reached around the World, here is Siobhan doing a photo selfie along with our amazing supporters, we are creating a wall of poster selfies to highlight the impact on PPROM in pregnancy.  (Siobhan is my rainbow child after our PPROM loss of her sister Sinead)  

See our wall of Photo selfies 

Our supporters raising PPROM awareness by doing photo selfies, click to see our wall of supporters

Our Medical stickers to confirm PPROM, and gain consistent care, regardless of gestation

Roll Up Banners to the left, ready for shows to raise PPROM awareness, and also available to use for Photo shoots 

Little Heartbeats Banner Raising PPROM Awareness at the Manchester 10k 2016 with names of PPROM Miracles and PPROM Angels Names 

Things to buy here, which helps us to send out our PPROM info packs with our Heartbeat animals 

  • Wristbands 
  • Car Stickers / car decimals 
  • Pens 
  • Fridge Magnets 
  • 25mm Badges
  • 38mm Badges with Cardboard backing

                         Fridge Magnets, and badges will look alike as above 

Car stickers / decimals below 

Baby vests, please confirm the size you need, £13 each for UK supporters and £16 for Overseas customers. (approx $21 USA Dollar, $28 AUS Dollar, 19 Euros 

Just a few of our events, our team is working very hard behind the scenes too....

Manchester run with Amanda and Sean, 

Inspired to do more! 

I was inspired to set up Little Heartbeats raising PPROM awareness and supporting Pregnant mothers, dads and families dealing with an PPROM pregnancy after finding out there were no support networks out there, and after raising funds for other baby charities, it pushed me to do more. 

Little Heartbeats website is here,

Social Media 

    Photo above shows the following,

  • Skydive 2015 With Nicola We jumped 13,000ft for the stem cell patch to reseal the membranes in certain cases of P-PROM which our team have raised over £18,000 so far  and continue to raise funds so one day we can in some cases reseal the membranes. 
  • At the Finish line of the London Marathon 2015, cape has pprom miracles and angels highlighting the impact on PPROM in pregnancy. 
  • London Marathon 2013 10km Mark (26.2 Miles)
  • Great North Run Half Marathon 2012 completed with myself and better half Phil and our friend CathyCape is in memory of all the babies gone too soon,

Some more of our videos all about PPROM awareness 

Till It Happens To You. 

Davinia's story of PPROM 

Our very first Video, all mums were under 24 weeks of pregnancy when they PPROM, and all babies are here today, to tell their own tales of how they got here. 

Dare to skydive! If yes do come and help us raise funds for our cause....

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