Little Billy's Big Heart Fund ????

Little Billy's Big Heart Fund ????

To support and help raise as much money as possible, so that we can get Billy though his next Double Balloon Valvuloplasty operation.

We did it!

On 3rd Jul 2017 we successfully raised £2,200 of £2,000 target with 83 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

We have hit our original target set of £2000. The cost of Billy's operation and aftercare will be in excess of £4,000. We can't thank everyone enough for the money we have already raised and we have received so many messages of love and support. We have still lots of people that would like to pledge and fundraise for our boy. We have therefore stretched the funding amount to £4000 :) .

Anything we receive now over and above our original target will be a blessing and we are so thankful to everyone that has already donated :).

We have hit the original funding of £2,000 :) thank you all! This is roughly half of the overall cost of his operation. The cost of the operation and after care will be in excess of £4,000 so if you would like to still donate that would be fantastic! We really appreciate every penny we can get for our little boy and this takes the stress out of finding the remaining money ourselves.

The question marks were supposed to be a dog emoji... apprently that's not compatible : ( 

Little Billy was diagnosed with severe pulmonary stenosis with left shunting VSD (vascular septal defect) basically a hole in his heart and an abormal aorta. Due for a horrible life as breeding dog and unable to do the one job he was brought to do, Billy was surrendered to Many Tears animal rescue. He was overlooked for months on end due to him being 'faulty', that's until Alex and Chris came along. They rescued little Billy and promised him a life any dog would dream of and ohh boy they have kept their promise. 

Anyone who knows Alex and Chris knows that their beloved Beagles are their absolute world. They are incredible dog owners who will always put the needs of their pooches before anything and anyone else. Billy had a Balloon Valvuloplasty operation 10 months ago, this unfortunately is starting to fail and the vet believes that if he has the Double Balloon Valvuloplasty operation this will strengthen his value and give him a greater chance of leading a longer, happier life. 

The next stage of Billy's operation is due to cost up to and potentially onwards of £4000. Alex and Chris work tirelessly at their full time jobs plus on their business Molly's Munchies to help fund Billy's care. Unfortunately though this is still not enough to cover the full costs.

Step in us! Let's all do what we can and dig deep (pooches too) to help out these amazing people and their amazing  boy! Billy has come so far over the last year in the care of Alex and Chris let's all try and help it continue. 

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