Lisburn needs a kick up the hole.

Lisburn needs a kick up the hole.

Help me fund a campaign to bring life and fun back to Lisburn.

We did it!

On 14th Apr 2015 we successfully raised £520 of £500 target with 17 supporters in 14 days

Project aim

Help me fund a campaign to bring life and fun back to Lisburn. 

About the project

When i was a little boy i loved going to Leisureworld on Bow street with my birthday and Christmas money

to buy toys. It's gone now along with a lot of other things the town of Lisburn had to offer. That's kinda sad.



I have this feeling, this vision of seeing Lisburn coming alive again. I can picture carnivals, street races, 

big halloween events like haunted houses, ghost walks and zombie apocalypses. Kick ass super hero, sci fi

and cosplay conventions, Street parties, outdoor music events in the city centre, those big chinese festivals

with the cool dragons, fireworks and music would be awesome to host here. The little things to.. like

somwhere to have a coffee with friends at night and to play a boardgame. Or maybe just somewhere to

read a book when you cant sleep at  night. 


My big big long term dream is to see the Maze prison site become a theme park. Some will say no

chance but let me remind you Lisburn once had the biggest linen factory in the world. We were a world leader

once upon a time! I want that status, feeling, that incredible drive and ambition back in this city. We can do it.



All the pieces of the puzzle are here. We need to unite once again and get to work creating, building and

celebrating life. I will spend my life working to make this dream happen or die trying. Despite the mean things

i say about Lisburn sometimes (we all do), i love this City and it's people.  I love inspiring people and being inspired by people. Before she passed away, my grandmother told

me my purpose in life was to bring people together. I will run a campaign that would make her proud.


Help me fund this campaign. And its your imagination and belief in lisburn that's more important than money. 

If you have any ideas or want to help in any way, hit me up or come find me.


Thank you x


p.s Vote for me


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