lipo suction for lipoedema
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

to get my mom lipo suction for her illness as the NHS deems this cosmetic and therefore can not be done on the NHS which is disgraceful

by Natasha Sparrow For My Mum in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

My mom has suffered with a lot of illnesses throughout her life such as Hodgkin's Disease when She was 15 years old which resulted in a Splenectomy, and Radiotherapy.
. She has had her Gall Bladder Removed due to Gall Stones, This was 22 years ago.  
. Breast Cancer at aged 30 which led to a double mastectomy.
. Cancer of the Womb, she had an Hysterectomy done, She was only 33 Years Old.
. Brain Tumor When she was 35 which was operable but the ear canal had to be removed which left her deaf in her right ear,
. Pericardial Effusion, She was 43 Years Old.
.When my mom was 44 she redeveloped breast cancer  which led to more Chemotherapy, while she was having Chemo, she suffered with bilateral blood clots, and a TIA which is a mini stroke within the brain
.New Years day 2015, she fell down the stairs and broke 3 vertebrae's in her back, She had to have a chip in her heart to monitor her heart rate. She had this removed september 2017.

Which brings me to why i am doing this fund raising in August 2017 my mom was diagnosed with Lipoedema and is in constant pain, she finds it very hard to walk.  While looking in to treatments for this as it is a long term chronic illness i realised that the best option she would have would be liposuction on the areas most affected. To my utter disgust this can not be done on the NHS as they deem it to be cosmetic related. Therefore i am reaching out to you all to please ask you to help me in raising this money to help my mom with every day living. She has recently became a nan to my son who is now walking and running around a lot he is 20 months, she finds it very hard to play with him and take him parks and do those things that nan's should be able to do. I thank you for your time and support in this matter 

Let's make 'lipo suction for lipoedema' happen