Braunton Village - The Lingerless Gallery

by Graham Bell in Braunton, England, United Kingdom

Braunton Village - The Lingerless Gallery


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Raising-up some local art & Raising donations to support Brauntons ND Hospice shop, ND Animal Ambulance shop and South Street Food Bank

by Graham Bell in Braunton, England, United Kingdom

I'M NOT AN ARTIST! But I do love seeing the amazing things that my artistic friends create. So much wonderful art is painstakingly created and then seen only by a handful of people - - - SO I want to create a gallery to showcase the amazing artistic tallent we have in our area.

I hope that our gallery combines the tallents of our local artists with the generosity of our local business community in an effort to help support some of our local charitable businesses.

We have two charity shops in Braunton which provide vital funds to North Devon Hospice and North Devon Animal Ambulance but are likely to be the very last stores to reopen once this crisis is over. I hope that people who appreciate seeing this amazing art around the village will want to help these two wonderful causes. In addition, South Street Food Bank has been a lifeline for many families during lockdown and we're privilidged to be able to support them.

A village-wide gallery has been a dream of mine since my days wandering the then derilict Margate Old Town. All delapidated Victorian shopfronts, boarded and fly-stickered. Art, effort and beauty have a transformative effect on the world arround us. I wanted to create a gallery to bring beauty into this dark time but this is also an opportunity to give something to support the local volunteers at our charity shops.

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