Please help us to continue Lincolns Physiotherapy

by Jessica Hope in Garndiffaith, Wales, United Kingdom


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Please help us to raise vital funds for Lincoln to continue his intensive physio, so that he doesnt regress and lose mobility..... thank you

by Jessica Hope in Garndiffaith, Wales, United Kingdom

Lincolns Legs 

The Beginning 


Lincoln was born two and a half months early, weighing just 3lbs 11oz. 

We started to realise that something wasnt right when Lincoln was around a year old. We pushed the doctors to investigate our concerns and in 2014 when Lincoln was 2 years old, he was officially diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. 

This is where our families journey began, with multiple hospital appointments, seeing specialists, therapy sessions and adjusting to life as we now know it. 

The Big Challenge of £100,000


In 2017 we embarked on the mammoth task of raising £100,000 to fund life changing spinal surgery, which at the time was only available in USA and to fund the ongoing Intensive Physiotherapy needed to continue to strengthen Lincolns 'new legs'.

Lincoln was accepted as an ideal candidate for the surgery and we were booked in for surgery for April 2018. 

2017 saw family, friends, strangers and celebrities all come together to help us change Lincolns life for the better. From cycle races, sponsored events, donations, raffles, charity events, music festivals, danceathons to a one off huge comedy night in Cardiff city by Frankie Boyle and Francesca Martinez, all to raise as much as we could for our little boy. 

Off To America

We ended up raising £56,000 in a year, before finally setting off to St Louis in April 2018 for the surgery. 

The surgery was a massive success and Lincoln worked so hard to get up and moving 3 days after the surgery. We spent 6 weeks in St Louis having daily physiotherapy in house at St Louis Childrens Hospital. 

Home Sweet Home and Physio, Physio, Physio....

Since we returned home in May 2018, we have used the remaining fundraised money to pay for weekly intensive physiotherapy sessions. Lincoln has worked tirelessly, after a full day at school and then two and a quarter hours of full on physio, before coming home to eat, then bed, then up again the next day to do it all again. 


It has been hard work fitting it around our family life and keeping Lincoln motivated but he has continued on, even when he really hasnt wanted to.......I mean, come on, what 8 year old wants to be doing all this exercise?? 

We Need Your Help Once Again

Sadly, we have now come to the end of our funds and today we had the very last session of Physiotherapy. So, here we are once again, appealing to you to find it in your hearts and wallets to help us. 

Without the physio sessions, Lincolns mobility will definitely regress and his movements will become harder and more painful. We cannot express how hard it is as parents to have to ask people to help us to give our boy the best life he can have. We know that life for everyone has changed, with lockdowns, job losses etc and we understand we have a massive challenge ahead to try to get this money together, but we ask you, if you can spare just £1, we will be forever grateful and cant express how much it will help Lincoln to lead a normal life. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and we hope that you are able to help us to help our gorgeous boy... 

Jess, Rich, Lincoln and Jasper Hope 


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