Lincoln City Knights & Training Ground

by Lincoln city Knight at Sincil Bank  in Lincoln

Lincoln City Knights & Training Ground
We did it
On 3rd October 2017 we successfully raised £340 with 25 supporters in 14 days

Raising money to keep the Lincoln City Knight at Lincoln City Football Club for all of the community to share.

by Lincoln city Knight at Sincil Bank in Lincoln


            Help keep the Lincoln City Knight at Home

In ONLY 10 days!





"There’s no better home for an Imp than at Sincil Bank, the home of Lincoln City Football Club." 

The artist who created this knight, Leah Goldberg, did so with the successful promotion of Lincoln City Football Club  to  The EFL League 2 firmly in her mind.  

                                   The Lincoln City Knight, donned his number 1 "Imp" shirt with prideand has his protective shield aptly sporting the signatures of both Managers, Danny & Nicky Cowley and of course the players themselves!  

Q. Can anyone else see a better fitting place for this guy to live? 

Q. Where should he reside? - You will get your say on that too!

  • Could he sit within the Travis Perkins Suite? #UTMISelfie opportunity 
  • Above the press box in the Selenity stand?
  • In the co-op stand to march along with the voices and the 617?
  • Or perhaps he could take pride of place at the end of the tunnel to welcome the players onto the pitch with every game?

A decision that is hoped will need to be made come the 30th September!

 Q.So how much will the final bid need to be?

Well as anyone who has seen an auction in progress and especially those that witnessed the Lincoln Barons' sold, will know that no one can be sure! We have a target set of £10,000 to reach...

Q.Why this amount if we don’t know how much we need?

A. In simple terms, there are two reasons.

1 – This is our best guess as to how much we might need to raise to secure the knight.

2 – With the sheer volume of Season ticket holders and the continued increase in numbers of supporters of the club we feel this is a realistic achievable target. With average attendances of 8825 that’s just £1.13p per person at the next game!

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Of course, anything less than this and we will do our best, likewise anything more will increase are chances of putting in that winning bid!

But what about the elephant in the room...

Q. What happens to the money if we are unsuccessful?

Q. Or what happens to the remaining funds if we have an excess?

A. In Short – EVERY penny will go back to the club.

Q. But how will this be spent?

A. - There is a continuing array of fundraising activities to support the New Training Ground facilities that both Danny and Nicky Cowley and the players are so keen to see implemented.

Whilst this process is ongoing there are also many other ideas coming forward from the club to directly involve fans and supporters.  Not to mention the vast expense that is increasingly required in modern football to secure additional players to enhance and expand the team ensuring the best possible prospects of continuing success.

Of course, if the Lincoln City Knight is so perfectly designed to be retained by the club, it poses the question –

Q. Why are the club not bidding for the knight themselves?

A. Well, the club have confirmed that they are not bidding for the knight and they have given this project their full backing and support.  

Whilst they have generated a significant amount of revenue following the successful Cup run and promotion to League 2 and combined with consistently increased volume of ticket sales for both home and away matches (which incidentally has catapulted us to the top of the leagues attendance table!) We don't think anyone would argue that this revenue needs to be ploughed back into the club and distributed in a much more productive way for the clubs continued and future success.  Their primary objective has to be to look after and nurture our current ‘Knights’ with their fast and real legs!

 So, with all that in mind it’s down to us…

PLEASE dig deep if you can, but for those that already support the club with buying tickets and spending on travel to get to the games, PLEASE share this with family, friends’ neighbours and work colleagues.

On Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - or just by talking about it Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and phone

Are all behind it, but we need as much support as we can get in very little time!

All the money raised at the auction is being donated to the Nomad Trust and to set up and Arts and Innovation fund for the City. 

To conclude, EVERY penny of your generous donations will –

  • Help secure the Lincoln City Knight and keep him at the heart of the club.
  • Contribute to the new ground which is at the heart of the management and players.
  • Go to help another Lincoln charity. 

Surely it’s a WIN WIN for everyone concerned and we can all take pride in that we have got a theoretical 3 points for the fans!

To each and every one of you that has taken the time to read this and supports the pledge, we THANK YOU #impvasion

 "We're all IMPS aren't we"

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