Training teachers in rural Cambodia through LRTT

To deliver essential teacher training to teachers in rural Cambodia through LRTT (Limited Resource Teacher Training)

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Dear friends/family:

As an educator I have always had a passion for ensuring that all students, regardless of the context in which they are born, are able to get a great education. I have always wanted to develop this to support this cause but the reality is, as any teacher will tell you, that a short period of time with students in a foreign country does not lead to sustainable progress. It must be continuous and habit forming in the classroom for long term progress to be sustained.

This summer, I will be volunteering with 24 other teachers from the UK to deliver the LRTT course (Limited Resource teacher training) to teachers in rural Cambodia over a 3 week period from 25 July - 15 August so that they can have the chance to improve on the skills necessary to deliver the best education possible for their students and continue to grow as effective educators for their villages.

Having been to Cambodia back in 2012, I was initially struck by the poverty when arriving in Phnom Penh, but more, that there was nothing I could do to effectively help. Cambodia has a special place in my heart and I have felt ever since that initial trip that it was important that I give back to the country that gave me so much in terms of experience and kindness. I currently sponsor a child through ActionAid in the city of Kampot in Cambodia which is another reason the country is special to me, but having the chance to give back in a wider capacity is something quite important to me. While we often complain about the education system and its changes in the UK, we are so lucky in terms of the resources, training and development available to us. I feel educational development is a global issue and it is important to branch out and impact teachers and students who do not easily get this opportunity in order to share the experience we have as educators.

This trip being voluntary in nature will require a large portion of money as for example, just the travel itself is costly, in addition to the training and other essential costs. Therefore, my aim is to fundraise some of the money to be able to afford this opportunity to share my knowledge and training as a teacher and to have an impact on an international scale.

The money will be used to towards the following:

  • Pre-departure training
  • Cost of resources/conferences/training materials
  • Team Leaders/24 hour support while in Cambodia
  • Injections/Visa costs
  • The flight to Cambodia and transport, such as visits between schools 
  • Accommodation 
  • Essential supplies

If you are able to make any donation, no matter how small to my cause I would be very grateful! I will keep you regularly updated on my progress and while on the journey to share my experience of teaching and continue to develop the cause because every child deserves a high quality education, regardless of the context they are born into.

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