Lily's Lounge - tea, cake & ART for the elderly!

Lily's Lounge - tea, cake & ART for the elderly!

Help us reduce loneliness and isolation of the elderly in our community through a monthly tea, cake and ART group.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Lily's Lounge is a project aimed at reducing loneliness for the elderly living in our community.   The idea is to bring people together, to share stories over a cuppa and also try new things through ART.  Lily was one of our lovely hosipice patients whom the project is named after.  She was a real character that made everyone feel like a family. 

The group would run once a month in our gallery space, kindly donated to us, on the seafront in Dover and would be supported by volunteers, and other community groups.

Loneliness for the elderly is massive, with over 1 million suffering chronic loneliness, but by starting Lily's Lounge we hope we will be helping to reduce this number.   As there is nothing like a cup of tea, a friendly chat and being creative to lift the spirits!

We are a charity running Community Art Projects.  We were established in 2013 and firmly believe that everyone has potential, talent and the right to participate in all aspects of our community.

We use art in all its forms to nurture and develop confidence, create a sense of belonging and therefore allowing creativity to flourish.

Everyone has the potential to be an active community member and enjoy a full life.  Building confidence through a variety of activities and allowing people to make their own decision is key to what we do.

We work with local businesses, councils and other charities to create projects that have become a cohesive network of like-minded people all working together with a single improve the lives of others.

Some of the groups we work with include; local Schools & Care Homes, Pilgrims Hospice, Porchlight, Royal British Legion and Young Carers.

Thank you!