Lily Rigby's first Professional Exhibition

Lily Rigby's first Professional Exhibition

To raise enough money to have a solo show at ONCA Gallery in Brighton, November 2018.

We did it!

On 13th Jan 2018 we successfully raised £1,590 with 40 supporters in 56 days

My work reveals my passion for the landscape often in it's most turbulent state - wild, mystical and awe-inspiring. I create work inspired by my surroundings, places I have visited and photographs I have taken. The horizon, which is on going and immersive, is a constant theme in my work. I am currently working on a series of paintings influenced by the sea and the horizon – a theme that I think relates to many people in my generation as we can all be slightly worried, scared and nervous about our own horizons, both with climate change and with our own jobs and pressures.
My work starts off as photographs and pages in my sketchbook where I create fast paced drawings, using ink and oil. I try to capture the same energy and movement in my work that I feel from the landscape, which I am studying. I then take these sketchbook pages and use them to create large-scale oil paintings on canvas and board in my studio -  Rohdus Studios. I am constantly working on portraying the depth of the landscape. I do this by using layers of paint, scraped back and worked up many times. This motion helps develop the journey my paintings go on, which is a key interest in my practice as it reflects the ever-changing course of the landscape. 

I live in Hove right by the sea, so I am lucky to have my biggest form of inspiration right in front of me. The sea is always changing and I try to convoke this in my paintings. However as well as noticing the beauty of the sea I am aware of the sad impact we have on it. When I go down to the beach to draw I often see rubbish and plastics on the beach, not only affecting our beautiful coastline but marine animals too. As the sea is my biggest form of inspiration I want to do more to help protect it. Surfer’s Against Sewage is an amazing charity that set up beach cleans and has other great projects that help tackle plastic pollution. I will be donating a percentage of my gallery sales to this charity and want to do more work with them in the future.


My practice has developed since graduating from The University of the West of England in Bristol, where I received a first class honours in Illustration. Since graduating I have had two solo shows, both of which were a great success, however this will be my first exhibition in a professional gallery, so it is a key stepping stone in my career, giving me a huge jump forward in the right direction towards being a professional artist. In order to make this next vital step and have a solo show at ONCA I need your help so I can reach my target and raise £3,000. I have chosen ONCA gallery as the work they do in supporting environmental and social challenges relates to my own art pratice. 

Any donation will be so appreciated and is a step closer to me reaching my dream. I also have some trips coming up, including Isle of Skye, which will help me develop my work ready for my exhibition and will be a huge inspiration to creating a body of work for my exhibition.

You can pledge on the rewards or you can donate any amount, small or large, that you like. Anyone who donates will be invited to my private view.

You can view my work at: 



My work 



Some of the rewards: 

Sophie Harley London Earrings

David Pratt Portrait 

The Wheatsheaf Pub & Food 

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