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On 11th April 2018 we successfully raised £4,075 with 98 supporters in 28 days

Lilypads strives to end period poverty and stigma by providing affordable reusable sanitary pads and education to communities in Kenya.

by Lilypads edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We made it! With the immense level of support we have received we have decided to increase our stretch target. 

Our new target will enable us to reach out further into the community. 

£2500 will enable us to train 50 new educators, that can go into schools and explain that periods are not dirty or a punishment, but something to be proud of.

£1000 enables us to expand into another region and trial the product with 100 girls, to highlight what the project is about. 

To us innovation is a 12 year old girl with access to a sanitary pad.  


The problem

In rural Kenya today 65% of women are unable to afford sanitary products. Consequently, school girls are being forced to dangerously engage in transactional sex with older men or are resorting to unhygienic alternatives such as cloth, leaves or even used nappies. In Homa Bay County, the HIV rate is at 25%, making such practices deadly. 

Girls with a lack of income and lack of awareness surrounding menstruation often drop out of school limiting their chance for a safe, steady and happy livelihood. 

Primarily Lilypads is dedicated to tackling the oppression, isolation and disadvantage of girls and women experienced in Kenya due to a lack of menstrual health education, an inherent stigma surrounding menstruation and a lack of accessible sanitary products.   

Everyone deserves to reach their potential. Period. 

The Project

The Lilypads project was born at the University of Edinburgh by 5 students who are dedicated to ending period poverty. 

As a social enterprise we sell reusable sanitary pads to local communities in Homa Bay and provide empowering menstrual health education to school girls.  The pads are produced in Nairobi enabling us keep the cost of the pads as low as possible. A pack of pads is enough to last 2 years and are thus 1/6th of the price of disposables on the market. Our pads are therefore accessible and provide a long term solution which is environmentally sustainable. 

2 of our team recently returned from Kenya where began to implement our project on the ground.  We trained our 12 amazing female sellers in enterprise training, providing them with a steady income and offering opportunities for external employment or personal development. We worked closely with the community, visiting and teaching in schools and leading focus groups and are continuing to develop our product to fit the specific needs of the women we sell to. 

Our Vision 

By providing the pads to local women and girls the need for transactional sex will be eliminated. The risk of health problems or early pregnancy will be reduced and they will be able to attend education or employment more frequently radically increasing their life prospects and providing them with a sense of empowerment and security. 

Along with a solution we aim to challenge the myths, stigmas and misconceptions which surround menstruation. 

Lilypads offers a simple solution to a monumental issue and we aim to ensure that no one feels isolated or endangered as a result of their period. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£15 or more

Helped 10 girls

This will enable us to produce 30 sanitary pads, enough for 10 girls

£50 or more

Lilypads Tshirt

Donate £100 and receive a Lilypads Tshirt

£50 or more

Recieve a pack of Lilypads

Donate £50 and receive a pack of Lilypads

£100 or more

Lilypad Gift Pack

Donate £150 and gain a Lilypad T-shirt, a pack of Lilypads and a Lilypad friendship bracelet.

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