Light Years

Support the release of LIGHT YEARS, Beth Orton's feature film debut from acclaimed photographer & BAFTA winning director Esther May Campbell

We did it!

On 27th Jul 2016 we successfully raised £6,276 of £6,000 target with 247 supporters in 37 days

New stretch target


Thank you all so much for the support and for pledging.  We could not have done this without each and every one of you. Thanks to everybody who has pledged and shared our project! We have screenings in these locations around the UK thanks to you:

  • Sheffield
  • Norwich
  • Stockton
  • Clevedon
  • Nottingham
  • Dundee
  • Cardiff
  • 3 more screenings in London

Our stretch target is £10,000and this is for hitting these new GOALS:

  • More Q&A screenings around the UK! 

  • To get the film onto as many VOD platforms as possible.

In the mean time, over the course of the release and the next few months, keep an eye out on social media for new screenings and how to buy tickets. We will also be getting in touch in regards to your rewards.


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One hot summer’s day,Rose (newcomer Zamira Fuller) longs to see her mum (Beth Orton) but nobody will take her.  Her father (Muhammet Uzuner), struggling to cope, disappears to work, her sister (Sophie Burton) waits to meet a boy on the local golf course and her brother (James Stuckey) is preoccupied at home communing with spirits online.

Taking destiny into her own hands she sets off alone deep into England’s forgotten edge lands to reach her.  Rose’s odyssey provokes her disconnected, fractured siblings and parents into a poignant reunion to face their challenges together.

LIGHT YEARS is the debut feature from BAFTA award winning film maker and photographer Esther May Campbell and features the acting debut of acclaimed singer/songwriter Beth Orton alongside Muhammet Uzuner (ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANATOLIA) and a cast of young newcomers.  LIGHT YEARS is a poetic and startling story of loss, hope and the deepest of human connections.

LIGHT YEARS was supported with both development and production funding by the BFI and Creative England and had its world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival and its UK premiere at the London Film Festival.

"Singer-songwriter Beth Orton is a fearless actor"




LIGHT YEARS has finished shooting and the film is now complete. The last step is getting the film out there to you, the audience. To do this, we need various things such as certification of the film from the BBFC (PG, 12A etc.) This allows the film to be screened legally in cinemas across the UK. We also need drives to ship the film on, DVD production and lots of other things to aid the release of LIGHT YEARS.

You can pledge to buy tickets to screenings around the UK including Bristol, London, Newcastle and Manchester, and with your help we will be able to secure more screenings. You can also buy a copy of the DVD and limited edition art postcards & prints by Esther May Campbell. Our art postcards and DVD pledge also come with a free copy of Esther's BAFTA winning short September. 


We are initally asking for £6,000 with further funding of £10,000 and then finally £17,000 if we hit our previous targets. The more money we can raise for LIGHT YEARS the more people will get the chance to see this beautiful film. This money will go towards the cost of aiding the distribution of LIGHT YEARS in the UK this Autumn! We are planning to release the film theatrically with as many Q&A screenings as possible as well as releasing the film on DVD. We will then be releasing on VOD.

The money from your pledges will be spent on the following:

  • £1,000 - The cost of the drives to ship the film on.
  • £1,300 - The cost of ceritifcating the film in the UK for cinema, DVD and VOD release.
  • £2,700 - Q&A Cinema Tour and Travel costs. 
  • £1,000 - DVD Release.

This funding will ensure the release of LIGHT YEARS in the UK. Thank you for supporting british cinema!


We are Third Films, a small independent production company based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Written and directed by the BAFTA winning director Esther May Campbell, LIGHT YEARS is our latest feature film, due for release this autumn. To help aid the distribution and costs of releasing the film, we are kindly asking for film lovers across the land to support us in this venture. It is our ambition to give everybody in the UK an opportunity to experience the beauty of LIGHT YEARS and witness the story of Rose and her journey in finding her mother. 


Esther May Campbell - Director and Writer

Self-taught photographer and filmmaker, Esther has directed music videos for the likes of Bass Clef, Nancy Elizabeth and James Blackshaw and sex education films, corporates for and about randy sailors as well as Channel 4 and BBC dramas. But it’s her personal, captivating stories that tell of lost souls, tragic lovers, limbo lives and daydreamers, very much found in self-penned short, the multi awarded and BAFTA winning September (2009). Working with the Cube Cinema collective, she mobilises a community cinema for displaced children in Haiti, Nepal and the camps of Europe. LIGHT YEARS is Esther's first feature film.

A short note from Esther:

"Light Years spins a narrative of longing anchored by characters in whom the complexities of loss are wonderful and disturbing.  Improvisation, image and sound manipulations melded to perform a kind of alchemy, to pull the viewer into a very particular universe where emotions suddenly rise and grip, taking us through a giddy trip that grows the heart. It's a small film with a big heart." 

Samm Haillay - Producer

Samm founded independent production company 'Third Films' with Duane Hopkins in 2001. He has premiered features at Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Toronto, Sundance, AFI, Edinburgh, London Film Festival and countless other festivals all over the world. Samm has produced films by Duane Hopkins, Mark Cousins, Gillian Wearing, Esther May Campbell and Joseph Bull & Luke Seomore. As well as developing new works with these directors, Samm is developing projects with several others. Samm also teaches film production at Teesside University and works for The Venice College Cinema, EAVE, Film London, Creative England and Feature Expanded as a group leader. 


Join us on Twitter @ThirdFilms and find us Facebook here to stay up to date with the latest news. You can also visit our website for more information on the film and you can even watch Esther's BAFTA winning short, September.  Available onlinefor the first time.

You can help us massively by following our social media channels and spreading the word about LIGHT YEARS. Don't forget to include our hashtag #lightyearsfilm to join the conversation. 


We have recently added new pledges to purchase limited edition prints by Esther May Campbell! These come from the set of Light Years and Esther's 'Out of Darkness' collection.  View the images in the update section and when you've made a pledge for how many prints you want, we will be in touch to ask which image you would like! You can buy an individual print or multi image bundles and all prints come with a copy of Light Years on DVD.



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