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Our mission is to end world hunger, and with it, world poverty.

We did it!

On 4th Jan 2017 we successfully raised £7,266 with 8 supporters in 56 days

A little help from you will help us to help millions

We are Lightspeed BioTechnologies, a group of scientists and technology experts that have created a 21st century answer to an age-old question: 

How can we sustainably feed the people on our planet without destroying the delicate balance that allows life to survive? 

Our eHarvest system is a revolution in growth technology, which means that people can now: 

  • Grow more crops in less space - an acre of crops can be grown in something the size of a large lorry - ideal for places where farmable land is either at a premium or simply not available
  • Grow more crops in less time (harvests are up to 33% faster with our unique lighting technology)
  • Grow crops that are bigger and more nutritious (up to 50% larger)
  • Grow crops with a fraction of the water (less than 1% of the water needed for the same yield using traditional arable techniques which uses water that you couldn’t irrigate with anyway!)
  • Dispense with genetic modification, pesticides and harmful chemicals - they are no longer needed
  • Grow any crop anywhere in the world - from the deep desert to the icy north 

Not just more food in less time and space … 

But not only that. Our system is completely self-sustaining, requires only sea water or another normally unusable supply, and provides as part of its normal operations: 

  • A constant supply of pure water: turning undrinkable water into a fresh supply that can save millions of lives a year
  • A constant supply of free electricity: the system produces 10x more power than it needs, providing a megawatt of surplus power (enough to power a small village)
  • A source of education and training: each system can be configured to provide a school hub - an easy to use computer-based training system for the local community, providing valuable skills and resources and helping them develop
  • A supply of bio-degradable sterilisation materials: helping the community to clean, disinfect and prevent disease.   

A lifeline for disaster areas 

As well as permanent units, our eHarvest units can be deployed to disaster areas such as earthquake or flood zones, providing much needed second wave nutrition when the initial emergency supplies begin to run out, and can dramatically assist with the process of rebuilding local food production capability. 

Help us to help millions 

The technology that drives all of this is currently in development in our labs. Our model is to supply this technology to paying customers and use the revenue generated to provide desperately needed food, water and education to people in developing countries that are at risk through famine, ecological disaster and disease. 

But we need your help to complete the development so that we can ensure that the proper patents and other protections are put in place to save this technology for those who really need it, rather than it being monopolised by large corporations seeking competitive advantage as opposed to a humanitarian solution. 

Please give what you can. Your pledge here will be returned hundredfold for generations to come - and this initiative will be something that we can all be proud of together.  

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