Lightleaks Photography

Photography inspired me to help others through creativity and pass on my skills to those less fortunate. Help me help others with art.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Photography was my journey into the unknown, it has led me to truly wonderful things, helped me grow as a person and gave me my very own avenue of expression.

I designed a 7 week photography course to teach to adults who would really benefit from a creative outlet, I want to teach them what I had been so fortunate to learn. I went to college and university and had an amazing support system to get me through. Now it is time for me to pass this knowledge onto those who aren’t as fortunate as me. 

I have taught this course once and it really was the most inspirational thing I have ever done. I want to continue to inspire and be inspired. 

I will teach photography and set the students a brief to create their own projects using the skills they will have learnt. Their projects will then be professionally exhibited in a space within their community .

This course is about learning, expression, creativity, opportunity and passion.

Please watch the short documentary which takes you through the course. With your help I can continue to inspire people and follow my dreams. 

Please Help me help others find their creativity.