Light Up Wednesfield

Light Up Wednesfield

Help us light up Wednesfield and sponsor our Christmas lights. #lightupwednesfield

We did it!

On 16th Sep 2016 we successfully raised £5,625 of £4,000 target with 37 supporters in 45 days

New stretch target

Hurrah we managed to raise our £4000 so that means we can fund our lights for this year, bringing sparkle back to the High Street

With an extra £2000 we can look to installing more lights, and buying and insuring a living Christmas tree in the village for Christmases in the future.  

A permenant fixture to spread some christmas cheer. 

Our Crowd Funding Campaign

For the last few years Wednesfield's Christmas lights have been dwindling as government cuts to Wolverhampton City Council's budgets have taken hold.

The council's first priority will always be to provide essential services, such as housing, education, health and suchlike. Therefore, budgets for things like Christmas  have been massively reduced.

We don't want the lights to go out - but we can't do it alone!

Working Together For Wednesfield

This year we know that with a little bit of help from the good people and businesses of Wednesfield, we can do the following:

  • Double the amount of lights along the Wednesfield High Street
  • Add more lights to the trees around St Thomas' Church
  • Work towards our long term goal - to bring a living tree back in to the heart of the village.

We need to raise £4,000 by mid September for this to happen - that's less than 25p per household , surely we can manage that, can't we?

Hands on Wednesfield are offering a host of sponsorship packages for individuals and local businesses big and small, so hopefully Wednesfield can get better Christmas Lights and you can get a little something out of it too. 

On the successful funding of this project we will be produce a Christmas Brochure to hand out the event that you could be featured in, alongside other marketing opportunities in the Wednesfield Magazine and on the website and Facebook page.

If you are an individual looking to support us we have pledges for you too.

See our sponsorship packages for exactly what's on offer.

Here Come The Stats...

  • Annual attendance to the switch on event often reaches 1,000 people,with the online audience being much greater. We will produce 1,000 brochures to hand out at the event.

  • The Wednesfield Magazine is distirbuted door to door and is in prominent positions in shops, doctors waiting rooms, schools and commuity centres reaching 30,000 people locally.

  •'s website has over 2,500 unique visitors each month, clocking up 8,570 page views between them.
  • The WV11 Facebook page has over 8,000 likes and an average reach of 20,000 people per week, their combined Twitter and Instagram profiles have over 3,800 followers.

By taking one of our top level sponsorship packages this could be your audience too!

It's a case of all or nothing - we need to raise £4,000 to make this happen!


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