Light for the less privileged by means of solar

by Rodrigue Nya N in Bexleyheath, England, United Kingdom

Light for the less privileged by means of solar


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I’m looking to raise fund to install solar system in orphanage, hospital and schools in African.

by Rodrigue Nya N in Bexleyheath, England, United Kingdom

542 million people in Africa alone have no access to electricity. Without electricity charities, communities and families have no source of light, poor health care and education. Leaving millions to rely on expensive and dangerous alternatives.

This forces people across the continent to cut their day short at around 6pm, with many relying on expensive, toxic and dangerous lighting sources such as candles and kerosene lamps.

This unacceptable situation has a negative impact on every facet of life, trapping people in poverty. Children cannot study and do their homework in the dark. Kerosene flames are harmful to people’s health. Lack of light and electricity make it harder for people to make a living. Burning fossil fuels just to see at night also harms the environment.

The most pressing issue, however, is safety. Too many people risk their lives every single night, by relying on candles and rudimentary kerosene lamps, just to light their homes.

Our aim is to build solar system in these charities/ communities and provide a plan maintenance program that will last for long.

Our mission is to light up every orphanage home,  school and clinic in Africa by 2035, using safe, clean, solar power. No one should be left in the dark.

With the deadly disease Coronavirus that struck the world in general. Orphanage and communities in Africa are barely surviving, these project is going not only provide electricity or clean energy it’s also going to provide jobs for the locals.

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