Upholding Traditional Christian Truths in Politics

Upholding Traditional Christian Truths in Politics

I want to raise the consciousness of true christianity in a country that prides itself as 'Christian' by standing as a candidate in Croydon.

We did it!

On 27th May 2017 we successfully raised £230 with 2 supporters in 21 days

There is no-gainsaying the fact that Christianity has taken a back seat in a country that prides itself as 'Christian'. In the Christian People's Alliance (CPA) therefore, a remnant of like-minded believers who yearn for christian principles and policies to be applied in the body-politic of our Nation have arisen.

I deem it an honour to stand on the ticket of the CPA to bring back morality into our country's politics and give sound counsel and direction to our youth - the future bedrock of this Nation.

While we largely support the approach of Theresa May to Europe, for us this election is not only about the EU.  We do not support the following measures: -
Taking disabled people off benefits, some of whom are mentally ill.

  • Leaving people who apply for benefits for whatever reason with nothing for several weeks while their claim is assessed.
  • Spending £billions of pounds on Trident which is a weapon of mass destruction while we could be focussing on putting in place the new technology that can divert incoming missiles into the ocean and make nuclear weapons obsolete.
  • Allowing big companies like Google, Facebook and Starbucks to get away with paying little or no tax when we could have a turnover tax, offset against Corporation Tax (tax on profits) to make the system fairer
  • Wasting £billions in aid e.g. £465m per year which goes to Pakistan some of which pays for people to go to Mecca when we should be spending it on people in refugee camps in real need. Also no aid should go to countries persecuting Christians.
  • Doing nothing about marriage breakdown which the Government assesses is costing the nation £48billion per year and is leaving many children damaged in broken homes.
  • Allowing 186,000 babies per year to be killed in their mother’s womb and in many cases funding it.

That’s why the Christian Peoples Alliance is standing candidates such as me in this election.  We don’t just talk about helping the poor we do it and we do a lot of research into what we believe are the right policies for the nation.


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