Lifestyles Appeal

Fund the awesome Lifestyles Festival in Hunstanton to ensure it's survival in 2014. EXPERIENCE EXTREME SPORTS and CULTURE FOR FREE

We did it!

On 2nd Apr 2014 we successfully raised £20,857 of £20,500 target with 40 supporters in 28 days

Save something awesome

You might think that getting people get into sport and culture safely, while also having a good time, would be easy. But with a growing obesity problem, more people struggling for with less spare income, and access to affordable activities declining, it's harder than you might think. But the benefits to our society are huge! 

Lifestyles Festival is a creative celebration of culture and sport and where the two collide, and everyone is invited, for free! 

Lifestyles Festival inspires people, excites people, entertains people, then engages them and encourages them to get involved. It's a special formula, and takes a lot of effort, but brings great reward.

This event makes a genuine difference and has a great history of success.

The money raised will cover event costs such as logistics, fencing, security and First Aid crew - all those things that any safe event needs - and an extreme sports and culture one needs plenty of.

It will also cover more exciting items like skate-ramps, cans of paint, the music stage, and all the many elements that go towards making the festival run smoothly.

At the event, there are competitions by pro riders, demonstrations and then  FREE - "have a go" workshops in extreme sports: parkour, bmx, skateboarding, inline skating and cultural activities like: DJ workshops, street dance, street art, beach art and sand sculptures.

Run by volunteers, the event is also treated as an opportunity for skills development, training and career opportunities, through partners and supporters and our amazing crew who give up their time for free. We also spread positive messages about healthy lifestyle choices, while celebrating the culture of sport, like with the classic surfer-style VW show.

Lifestyles Festival has been awesome for many years, got young (and old) people into sports and culture, and now it needs your help to keep doing it.

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