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by Life has a Voice in Northampton, England, United Kingdom

My son had his life taken in 2015.......

He served for Queen and Country, he lived and breathed life, and then one night someone took his life.

When my son was killed, I said to the police, please do your job; he is my son don’t treat him as just another number. That’s exactly what they did, treated him as a number!! And they didn’t do their job.

Life has a Voice has been set up to fight for justice for him and all the other unsolved deaths in this country, thousands of which are just written off as drug-related or gang-related.

My son said there's a bigger battle to fight than Iraq and Afghanistan, the battle is the 14,000 service men and women sleeping on the streets, aged between 18 to 97 years old. Also, all the service men and women now struggling with Depression, Drugs, Alcohol, Mental Health and Domestic Violence.

While we were all warm and cosy safe in our beds at home, these men and women were fighting for queen and country.

Now thousands of them haven’t got a home or bed to sleep in safely.

That goes beyond disgusting !!!

How have we allowed this to happen?

My son was passionate about these topics, be passionate with him and join this journey to make a difference.

My son cannot be named at the moment for legal reasons, but I have been to dark places I never knew existed.

Is that you?  Let us support you - YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

This legal fight I found myself in was lonely, I'd never felt so alone before - no support, nobody who would understand, no legal help.  A non-stop battle to get justice that my son deserves and I'm still fighting now.  

My son would be saying "now is the time to help others in every single walk of life".


My son stood side by side with every creed whilst in the armed forces.


We can do this together so let's do it!!!


Let's make 'Life has a Voice' happen

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