Help our radio station to blossom and grow.

To raise money for a community led internet radio station giving young kids and industry professionals a platform to raise awareness of their musical talents to hopefully lead to further career opportunities and achieve their goals.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Our project is simple we need to raise funds to help our Internet radio station LIFEFM.CO.UK to blossom and grow.

LIFE FM is a community of DJ’s of various styles this covers house, garage drum and bass, rare groove and dub reggae to name a few. It survives presently only on the subs paid by DJ’s for their 2 hour set, which goes out live with accompanying live web cam footage.

The hard work and support of the DJ’s keep LIFE FM running. The hard work of Paul Roast and Mel has kept the station on air for 16 years.

LIFE FM has embraced new technology, which in turn is opening up opportunities not just for DJ’s but those people interested in broadcast, visuals and presenting.

This funding will ensure that LIFE FM continues to broadcast for many years to come. It will enable the LIFE FM community to spread their wings and move forward adding interviews and mixed media to what is an already vibrant Internet broadcaster.

LIFE FM has a community broadcast license and is an evolving platform, broadcasters and people with an interest in broadcast technology.

This funding will allow us to reach the next level of professionalism and help the people around us further develop their skills.

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Sarah Keohane

 To help support the lifefm crowdfunding project artist Sarah Keohane has offered her amazing artwork. Here are a couple of samples of her work she will be be creating some stunning artwork specifically for our campaign. As well as offering us some of her original artwork to give away for the larger donations. 

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Thanks so much for your support! Paul Roast & Mel

Thanks Paul & Mel