Life Spots in the bottle Project

by Bible4health Missions in Worksop, England, United Kingdom

Life Spots in the bottle Project


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To help an individual or a family to identify negative life Spots (negative aspects) of eleven basic human needs in their life.

by Bible4health Missions in Worksop, England, United Kingdom

Mr. Paul mambwe

This project was designed by me Mr. Paul Mambwe, the Director of Bible4health Missions. After operating in the United Kingdom as Bible4health Missions since 2008 and examining the lifestyle of people in different communities basing on the eleven human needs, negative aspects of eleven human needs, along with the positive aspects where identified. So I decided to do something about these negative aspects in eleven human needs which most of the community members here in the United kingdom are hampering in the minds and hearts, causing a lot of pain, suffering and failures at workplaces, careers, studies, and many more at the expense of the positive aspects of the human needs, Therefore, the metaphor “The Life Spotsin the Bottle Project”was coined.

The bottle being the Individuals or families who keep focusing on the negative aspects of the human needs, ignoring the many positive aspects of human needs.

The spacein the Bottle being the bigger areas or opportunities, positive aspects in life many of us ignore and concentrate on the negative aspects in the eleven human needs.

The Life Spotscomprise the negative and positive aspects of the eleven human needs.

The Capon the bottle represents secrecy we keep about these negative aspects and that we are not aware of the positive aspects in our lives that we do not want to share with anyone thinking that no body will listen or help or they will just make it worse or ignore.

Experience, and Qualification

Bible4health Missions HistoryandQualifications. The earliest recorded historical fact pertaining to Bible4health Missions work in Nottinghamshire in the United Kingdom is the collection of Shoes, Boots and clothes for African village project for the prevention of health risks involved in walking barefoot in the remote villages in Africa, which started in 2011. Most of the work since 2008 was in Zambia.

Bible4health Missions Team

Bible4health Missions is lead by board of directors; Original founders are CEO Dr. Bezaleel Mambwe, graduate from Sheffield University and Liverpool University in Biomedical Sciences Research, specialised in Cancer research. Executive Secretary Mr. Joseph Mambwe, Graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Cambridge University, currently working with Apple computers and Google in designing Software applications and Director, Mr. Paul Mambwe, a graduate from Copperbelt University- (Zambia) in Industrial Sciences Technology, Project management and analysis; WHO Training College – (Siera-leone) in Bio-Medical Engineering Technology; Institute of Natural Healing - (United Kingdom) in Herbal Medicine and a holder of Schweppes Service award for outstanding achievement in Science research.

From 1980 to 2006, the director acquired varsity experience in both not-for-profit organizations and in Government sector, served in various positions, including Director of pioneers, Provincial chairman of Youth League, Provincial students Unions representative and youth representative to United Nations on Education a right and not a privilege and implementation under Zambian Government Zambia.

My experience is as follows; Carried out similar projects, such as “Community based HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention and management” in Botswana, “National prevention of starvation project” in Botswana and Zambia, “Community health and drilling of water boreholes outreach project” by Seventh-day Adventist development relief agency (ADRA) in Zambia's rural communities.

Professionally I worked as a Zambia National Medical Equipment senior Technician; Hospitals Engineer and Property Manager in Seventh-day Adventist Church Hospitals, Technical Manager Planets Laboratories Limited (Zambia & Botswana) Appointed Botswana Government Industrial Machinery and Health and safety Inspector that included Diamond Mines.

Community and not-for profit jobs, he worked as chairman General of Eagle Africa HIV/AIDS Trust in Botwsana and finally founder and chairman of Bible4health Missions in United Kingdom.

My experience is as follows; Carried out similar projects, such as “Community based HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention, management and educational outreach” in Botswana, “National prevention of starvation project” in Botswana and Zambia, “Community health and drilling of water boreholes outreach project” by Seventh-day Adventist development relief agency (ADRA) in Zambia's rural communities.

Bible4health Missions

Bible4health Missions (B4HM), Based in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, operating from Old Drill hall Worksop in Colbeck Street. Formerly know as “Worksop Boys Club”, was founded by the Mambwe family, who are Seventhday Adventist Christians in the United Kingdom, is a Christian faith based, non-denominational, self-supporting, not-for-profit company limited by guarantee without shares, which was first registered in England and Wales in 2008 as a business name and in 2013 was incorporated into Not-for-Profit company limited by guarantee without shares, developing an efficient systemfor taking on a community, people based projects and to develop a system, administration, networking, personnel and technological capacity to serving, saving, changing lives and providing helping hands to the helpless.

As a non-denominational self-supporting not-for-profit Christian organization, Bible4health Missions has a long range goals of promoting individual, family, and community well-being, complete human health, spiritual health, environmental health and prosperity health in a time of social and economic change, prevention and elimination of poverty and negative aspects of the basic human needs in communities. A subordinate goal is to increase skills related to caring for one-self and others in health, spiritually, in finances, understanding natural health, clean environment and faithfulness in God.

Motivating, nurturing and guiding willing individuals, families, youths and children in the community on how to overcome negative aspects of the basic human needs and concentrate on the positive aspects of human needs, lifestyle illness, poor financial management, un-health living environments, and unbelief in God, and serving as a helping hands to the helpless when needed; target audiences include both Children, Youths, Adults and families.

Branch and Agents offices

We have a branch office in Zambia. There are two projects currently running, which are “Shoes and Boots for African Village Project”for reduction of health risks for walking barefoot in African remote village and “Used Items Recycling Project:

What we stand for:

Key hands to all the creation of God. Specializing in; (1) Natural Human health, (2) Spiritual health, (3) Environmental Health, (4) Prosperity health and (5) complete true word of God as it is written in the original true Bible, these make up Bible4health Missions

Our Mission

To render physical and spiritual assistance to all those in need and the helpless, carry out humanitarian, health, environmental, recycling, empowerment and outreach community projects and programs in environmental health, natural human health, prosperity health and spiritual health. Support and sponsor change in peoples lives, so that the individual’s soul, the mind, the body, personality, character and the environment might be changed, might be health, and prosper for the benefit of the community and the nation in readiness for Jesus Christ’s return.

Our Vision

Establishing of Bible4health Missions centers and Bible4health Missions network around the world to offer helping hand to those in need and the helpless, care, community services, Natural pharmacies, natural health lifestyle, natural therapy treatments of disease, Natural Human health, Environmental Health, Spiritual health and Prosperity health, sharing funeral expenses, Indoor and out door activities, Services, and Teaching of the word of God.

Our Values

Honest; Truthfulness; Selflessness, Hardworking, Obedience; Faithfulness; Simplicity, responsibility, Dependability; Trustworthy; Forgiving; Transparency; Accountability; Creativity, Wisdom, Loyalty, Privacy, Integrity; Solidarity; Courage; Justice; Knowledge, Excellence, Democracy

Our Guiding Principles

We are a Christian faith based self supporting not-for-profit company limited by guarantee without shares committed to respecting the following principles:

Ethics and Guidelines

Bible4health Missions will follow the ethics and guidelines set in the biblical Ten Commandments and biblical health laws in all its operations, organization and duties. However, Bible4health Missions will abide by the laws of the country in which it will be operating.


Bible4health Missions shall operate independent of Governments, religious denominations, and personalities, but shall enter into
 partnership or into arrangements for sharing union of interests, co-operation, joint-venture, reciprocal concession or otherwise 
with any person, persons, Company, or Organization, International Organization and Government carrying on or engaged in, or 
about to carry on or engage in any program or transaction which Bible4health Missions founders and staff members have any express interest in, or any 
program or transaction capable of being conducted by any level or position of any staff member of the Bible4health Missions

Not a Political Party.

Bible4health Missions is not and shall never be a political party, or participate or entertain politics of any country, direct or indirect in the day-to-day implementation of its objectives and mission

Not- for- Profit Company without shares

Bible4health Missions shall operate as religious and health not-for Profit Company limited by guarantee without shares under Not-for Profit Organization and deeds Laws of the respective countries in the world, in which it shall be operating in.

Juristic Person

Bible4health Missions shall be a juristic person without shares, acting for and on behalf of its individual and Key Hands Club international Members, Founding Executives; hereafter called "Founders" co-operating in securing the objects referred to herein below, and accordingly therefore the following provisions shall apply;

There shall be no share issue and all members shall wholly own in equal terms the assets and liabilities of Bible4health Missions

Seventy Five (75) percept of the General Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors shall have the power to dissolve the Bible4health Missions and determine the overall General Policy of the operations of the Bible4health Missions and deed hereinafter makes reference to the effect of these powers.

Status and Privileges

Bible4health Missions shall enjoy international legal personality.

Bible4health Missions shall have, in each Country of the world, where permissible, Regional office.

We undertake to be open, honest and accountable in our relationships with everyone we work with and with each other.

We will be democratic, politically non-partisan and non-sectarian in our work.

We will condemn bribery, racism, segregation and corruption vigorously and courageously wherever it has been reliably identified.

The positions we take will be based on sound, objective and professional analysis and high standards of research.

We will only accept funding that does not compromise our ability to address issues freely, thoroughly and objectively.

We will provide accurate and timely reports of our activities to our donors, sponsors, stakeholders and the community

We will respect and encourage respect for fundamental human rights, believes, religion and freedoms.

We are committed to building, working with and working through regional offices, agents and representatives worldwide.

We will strive for balanced and diverse representation on our governing bodies.

As one global movement with a mission of changing and saving lives, we stand in solidarity with each other and we will not act in ways that may adversely affect persons we serve or the communities.

All of our Technical and engineering, Humanitarian, Christian Evangelistic, Health, Community Projects and programs are targeted for all countries in the world, but predominantly the third world countries.

Life Spots in the Bottle Project (idea)

This project is managed and organised by Bible4health Missions, which is located in Worksop Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom operating from Old Drill Hall in Colbeck Street in Worksop.

Life Spots in a bottle project is a free individual and family participation project. The project is home, forum and community based educational, preventive and management project of negative aspects and encouragement and management of positive aspects in the Eleven Basic Human Needs, which were identified during our community research since 2008. The negative and positive aspects in Health, Spiritual, Security, Adventure, Freedom, Exchange, Power, Expansion, Acceptance, Community and Expression.

Project Purpose and Vission

The Project’s purpose is to help an individual or a family participant to identify negative life Spots(negative aspects) of eleven basic human needs in their life compared to the positive life spots (positive aspects) which are the bigger white wider space of blessings and opportunities that surround the negative life spots (negative aspects) and with the help of Bible4health Missions and other project participants, together, to find ways of how thenegativeLife Spotsin the participants lives can be deleted, or overcome or managed and also to prevent them before hand, and also how the positive Life spots in the participants lives can be encouraged, managed and improved

Negative Life Spots(negative aspects) in Health, Spiritual, Security, Adventure, Freedom, Exchange, Power, Expansion, Acceptance, Community, Expression, other, such as worries that drains our energies and cares that lead to stress, depression, loneliness, suffering, bad health, broken marriages, poor and bad relationships and many more.

Project Audience

The primary audience is the residents of Worksop Town and the surrounding villages in Bassetlaw District.

Other neighbouring communities are also a key audience, as well as could be an important contributor to the project. We hope that other community based charities and not-for-profit organisations will participate and provide important information and innervations in the advancement of how to build better communities, and the input which will be provided by local authorities representatives and other key stakeholders in meeting the goals of the project will be intended to inform and accelerate the project.

Project Objectives

1. Creating and maintaining partnershipsin the community

To create a partnership among different people with different culture, up bringing in our communities to address a common goal of prevention, overcoming and management of negative aspects of eleven basic human needs and toencourage, manage and improve the positive aspects of the elven human needs in an individual an in families.

2. Assessing human needs and resources in our communities

This project will provide guidance for conducting assessments of the eleven basic human needs of individuals and families and resources in our communities.

3. Analyzing problems and goals

This project will help in analysingpersonal and environmental factors that influence the negative and positive aspects of the eleven basic human needs to be addressed.

4. Developing a framework or model of change

This project will help in developing a picture of the pathway from prevention, overcoming, management of negative aspects and encouragement, management and improvement of the positive aspectsof eleven basic human needs to intended outcomes.

5. Developing strategic and action plansfor change

This project will aid in developing a vision, mission, objectives, strategies, and action plan for the individual and family efforts to prevent, overcome and manage the negative aspects and encourage, manage and improve the positive aspectsof the eleven basic human needs for better communities.

6. Building leadershipin both family and the community

This project will help in developing a plan for enhancing family, community leadership and its core tasks in preventing, overcoming and management of negative aspects and encouraging, managing and improving of the positive aspectsof the eleven basic human needs.

7. Developing an interventionin tackling and handling Life Spotsin project participants

This project will provide support for developing core components of the positive aspects and negative aspects of all the eleven basic human needs of an individual, family and community and adapting them to fit the context.

8. Increasing participation and engagement in the project

This project will provide guidance for increasing participation and engaging stakeholders in preventing, overcoming and management of the negative aspects and encouragement, management and improvementof the positive of the eleven basic human needs.

9. Enhancing cultural competence

This project will aid in assessing and enhancing cultural competence in your family, community or organization in fight against the negative aspects and encouragement management and improvement of the positive aspects of the eleven basic human needs.

10. Influencing policy development

This project will provide guidance for bringing about policy change for individuals and families in our communities to prevent, overcome and manage the negative aspects and also encourage, manage and improve the positive aspectsof the eleven basic human needs.

11. Evaluating the initiative

This project will aid in developing an evaluation program or initiative for prevention, overcoming and management of the negative aspects and also encouragement, management and improvement of the positive aspects of the eleven basic human needs in an individual, family and in the community.

12. Implementing social marketing

This project will assist in developing a social marketing effort to promote adoption of positive aspects and disregard the negative aspects of the eleven basic human needs, the project and use of innovations among individual and family project participants in our communities.

13. Improving community management and development

This project will also provide guidance for enhancing your community's governance structure and improving communication.

14. Sustaining the work or initiativein the community

This project will support planning for using different tactics to sustain your community initiative.

Money raised will be used for Delivery of Project bottle to registered house

The Life Spotsin a Bottle Project is a home, forum and community based project, which will be delivered through a transparent Plastic Bottle with a Life Spotsin it, which will be delivered to a registered house address and will be left outside the front door, on the first Friday of the Month and to be collected on the Second Friday of the Month, and in the Bottle shall be deliver with any of, or most of;

Inspirational and MoralStories

Share your story opportunity

Choose want you want find in your bottle

Community togetherness dinners

Monthly Bottle Draw






Health awareness and Tips


Bible Readings


Projects and programs

16. And Many more

Through this project we are aiming to bring the communities together to share through the Bottle, the Life Spotsin our lives, both negative and positive aspects and how together we can try to prevent, overcome and manage the negative aspects and also encourage, manage and improve the positive aspects.

Project advertising

This project is advertised by word of mouth, If you enjoy and find the project good and encouraging, we are encouraging everyone to talk to relatives, your loved ones, you friends, workmates about this project and give them a form that comes in the bottle to fill in and them place it in the Bottle.

The best way to make our communities better is by getting others to join community projects and programs such as this one, “The Life Spotsin the Bottle Project”, to participate in either the project or in our sponsors, or associated organization’s worthy causes.

Project Funding

The initial funding of the project is by the founding directors, later we hope and trust that the project will be self-sustaining through your generous donations, House Number draws, Raffle Tickets Draws, online stores and Project advertising

Project Frequency

The project is set to be a monthly project, but the participants themselves can change this, either to be weekly or two weeks, monthly or quarterly project.

The Eleven Basic Human Needs

(1) Health, (2) Spiritual, (3) Security, (4) Adventure, (5) Freedom, (6) Exchange, (7) Power, (8) Expansion, (9) Acceptance, (10) Community, (11) Expression.

Each of us has three primary needs, meaning three needs that are more important than the other eight needs, which we have to a lesser degree. When people do not get the positive aspects of their needs met, they can become agitated, belligerent or driven to use the negative aspects of their needs.

Each of the needs is described below, with their positive aspects (how they work in positive ways) and their negative aspects (how people use more forceful or destructive ways to get their needs met).

Each person is responsible for seeing that they get their own needs met - this is an inside job, not something that is fulfilled by another person. People who share the same needs will feel a connection or common bond.

Two people who do not share at least one common need, will feel little connection with another person. Co-workers who do not share similar needs will have a hard time working together. People in the community who do not share similar needs will have a hard time living together as neighbours. Close friends, partners and mate relationships will usually share two or three needs in common.

Inspirational and moral Stories

Below is an example of the type of inspirational and moral stories, which will be included the Project Bottle

Integrity - The Carpenter's House

An elderly carpenter was ready to retire. He told his employer-contractor of his plans to leave the house building business and live a more leisurely life with his wife enjoying his extended family. 

He would miss the paycheck, but he needed to retire. They could get by.

The contractor was sorry to see his good worker go and asked if he could build just one more house as a personal favor. The carpenter said yes, but in time it was easy to see that his heart was not in his work. He resorted to shoddy workmanship and used inferior materials. It was an unfortunate way to end his career. 

When the carpenter finished his work and the builder came to inspect the house, the contractor handed the front-door key to the carpenter. "This is your house," he said, "my gift to you."

What a shock! What a shame! If he had only known he was building his own house, he would have done it all so differently. Now he had to live in the home he had built none too well. 

So it is with us. We build our lives in a distracted way, reacting rather than acting, willing to put up less than the best. At important points we do not give the job our best effort. Then with a shock we look at the situation we have created and find that we are now living in the house we have built.

If we had realized that we would have done it differently. 

Think of yourself as the carpenter. Think about your house (Your life). Each day you hammer a nail, place a board, or erect a wall. Build wisely.

It is the only life you will ever build. Even if you live it for only one day more, that day deserves to be lived graciously and with dignity. The plaque on the wall says, "Life is a do-it-yourself project." Your life tomorrow will be the result of your attitudes and the choices you make today. 

Share your story

If you have a story to share with others in this project or on our website,, you can write your story and put it in the bottle which is delivered to your door step on every first Friday of the month and collected on the next Friday.

Financial Support

We need your support for this project to touch and change more lives by donating your copper coins,if you wish to donate more than copper coins will indeed appreciate your good gesture of support.

To donate your copper coins(money), all you need to do is fill in the Money donation form with all required details and place it back into the bottle and Bible4health missions person, shall come and collect the copper coins(money) with an official identification card of Bible4health missions, on the date and time you will indicate on the form. The collecting person will sign a collection form and leave a copy with you.

If you wish to donate more than copper coins,please go to our website;

Helping others

This project is advertised by word of mouth, If you enjoy and find the project good and encouraging, we are encouraging everyone to talk to relatives, your loved ones, you friends, workmates about this project and give them a form that comes in the bottle to fill in and them place it in the Bottle.

The best way to make our communities better is by getting others to join community projects and programs such as this one, “The Life Spotsin the Bottle Project”, to participate in either the project or in our sponsors, or associated organization’s worthy causes.

From the comfort of your own home, we want you to join our efforts to help those who are having Life Spotsin their lives and those helping, serving, saving and changing lives of people, animals and all living beings in need, the helpless and to save the environment and also to provide services to the people, animals and all living beings in need who are being helped, served, saved and their lives changed, the helpless and the environment in their local communities or communities abroad, offer the best care, services, humanitarian, health, community projects and program, outdoor and indoor sports, games and activities, dinners, trips, tours, holidays, camping, training and educational program and projects, social investments, seminars, finances, grants, loans, business and home business opportunities, share natural health principles and practice, share a gift, love, friendship, fellowship, network, knowledge, excellence and as well as to solve some of the Negative Life Spotsour community members are facing in their lives.

Health awareness and Tips

Bible4health Missions specializes in 4 health areas, which are; (1) Natural Human health, (2) Spiritual health, (3) Environmental Health, (4) Prosperity health

In the Project Bottle we include health awareness and tips in these 4 areas of health

Projects and programs

Current Programs, Projects and Services Information

Our projects, programs and services are divided into direct projects, programs and service departments designed to meet the physical, psychological, spiritual, health and emotional needs of people facing challenges.

Current Active and upcoming Projects and Programs 

1. A Shoe And Boot For African Village Project (started in 2011)

Bible4health Missions is currently appealing to all ages and industries on behalf of Bible4health Missions to donate used or new shoes for the, "A SHOE-BOOT FOR AFRICAN VILLAGE"which was launched in 2011 and managed by Bible4health missions. Collection of shoes started on 6th November 2011 at B&Q Distribution center/Warehouse in Worksop.

The project is aimed at distributing shoes or boots to African villages to reduce the health risks and deaths caused by walking barefoot in the most remote areas in Africa. Health Risks of walking Barefoot in the African Villages. (Collection Boxes)

Health Risks of Barefoot in African Villages:

There are numerous risks involved with walking and going barefoot especially in African countries. Since there is no artificial protection of the bare foot, some of the possible issues include cuts, abrasions, bruises, or puncture wounds from glass, nails, rocks, or thorns. Poisonous plants, animals, or parasites can enter the body through the cuts on an injured bare foot, if not treated early can lead to death. Deaths caused by snakebites, scorpions and dangerous insects, – This project is to provide free and cheap footwear in protecting the people in the African remote villages, who cannot afford shoes due to the economic hardship in these countries.

Hookworm larvae (found only in warm, moist climates, in most African countries) can also easily burrow through a bare human foot. Athlete's foot is also spread by people walking barefoot in places where the fungus is likely to grow, such as around farms, after the rain, near rivers, in Gardens or in the wet soil in the plying fields of the African farm.

In cold weather, shoes also provide thermal insulation, protecting against frostbite or cold due on the grass in the village footpaths. Other issues that are common in these countries as a result of frequently going barefoot include calf pain, Achilles tendinitis, or plantar fascilitis, Blisters on the feet occur in especially walking on stones or gravel roads. Children suffer more than adults because the adults’ skin has become more robust after years of walking. In addition, individuals with diabetes or other conditions, which affect sensation within the feet, are at greater risk of injury while walking barefoot. Considering the above health implications in the African village, Bible4health Missions started this project to fight against these health risks of walking barefoot in the African village.

If you have any footwear you would like to donate to this project, you can send your donation direct to: Bible4health Missions or through Bible4health Missions local Clubs

2. Used Items Recycling Project(We Need Your Financial Support) (Started in 2013)

Did you know the average British household discards an estimated 70 pounds of clothing, linen, shoes handbags, other textiles and domestic items each year? Clothing and household items and textiles, consisting of fabrics such as cotton, polyester, nylon, leather and rayon, make up almost 5 percent of the total garbage in landfills. Bible4health Missions under the Life Spotsin Bottle Project is looking to reduce this waste through a clothing-Shoes-Handbags recycling program. Clothing-Shoes-Handbags recycling is the re-purposing of used clothing, Shoes, Handbags, Belts, Travel Bags School bags, cardboard, metal and other textiles that has been donated to the organization that can not be resold. Instead of distributing these items to landfills, the organization will sell bales by the pound to textile recyclers. These items will be sent to remote villages of African to support projects like Shoes-Boots for Africa Project. Clothing-Shoes-Handbags recycling keeps unwanted items out of landfills and provides an additional revenue stream for Bible4health Missions. Revenue can then be used to support the communities and the need.

Projects and Programs we support

Bible4health Missions supports projects, programs and services to develop knowledge and skills to youths, the elderly and their families, promoting optimal healthy, spiritual, character, mental, physical, psychological and emotional development and functioning for individual family member as well as the family as a whole in the community, through Discussions, therapy, Services and counsellinggroups such as;

A. ln Bassetlaw District; 

Parent-child conflict resolution, positive parenting skills, anger management, character development and family connectedness through home meetings

Anger Management for adults

Caring Adolescents Reviving Expectations (CARE)

Helping Children Succeed After Divorce Seminar

Progressive Parenting

Pspec Groups (Psychological, Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Challenges)

General mental health groups focusing on positive coping skills for adults meeting

Depression therapy groups focusing on support and coping skills for adults meeting

Groups providing quality prevention education related to bad health, major lifestyle illness and pregnancy prevention to people at risk in our community.

Clean living - Domestic environment for the elderly from the age of 75 years upwards and those living with terminal illness and are not able to do physical work or activities.

Reduction of loneliness in Bassetlaw community

Bible Health Secrets Forum: 

A discussion, presentations and practical forum on Natural Health, Character development, the environment And Video Discussion Presentation. Explore the importance of faith in God, natural healthy lifestyle, twelve basic human needs, good character building, good living environment, how to protect and safe the environment, food as and is medicine, whole natural foods, food supplements and natural herbal and holistic remedies and their health benefits on human and animal health.



Our most common volunteer opportunities are sorting clothes, tagging & displaying merchandise, receiving/unloading donations, repair electrical items, and miscellaneous repair.

Other volunteer opportunities are; Collection of project materials and Life Spots in the Bottle project bottles, Working in in our charity shop, preparing meals, drinks and hot beverages in the Community Coffee Shop, supervising indoor sports and games, Accounting jobs, reception and secretarial duties, cleaners, gardeners and many more. We do appreciate or compensate our volunteers


Job opportunities

From time to time as the project progresses, we will be advertising various jobs both in project and as staff member of Bible4health Missions, Our job opportunities range from being a Gardener to Director.

Let's make 'Life Spots in the bottle Project' happen