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Life skills for over 19s with disability in Essex

by Accuro (care services) in Harlow, England, United Kingdom

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We aim to help local people with disability develop essential life skills as they transition to adulthood, gain independence and enjoy life.

by Accuro (care services) in Harlow, England, United Kingdom

Accuro make a real difference to the lives of local people with disability in West Essex.

We are keen to launch a NEW project which will help build life skills and greater independence for over 19s with learning disability in West Essex.

We have developed the idea for our new project ; TRANSITIONS by working closely with our service users, their families and other local organisations.

Please help us create opportunities for local people with disability to BELONG, CONTRIBUTE and THRIVE

From the moment we wake in the morning, we go through certain tasks, known as “life skills”.  These tasks can include typical activities such as making the bed, performing personal hygiene routines, getting dressed, making meals, domestic tasks, organisational skills, budgeting, communication, social activities, transport, safety and so much more. 

Staying healthy, taking up new hobbies, getting involved in the community, building relationships and starting to work – all of these things contribute to a meaningful lifestyle for any adult. 

There is a real shortage of such services in our area and Accuro are keen to support local people with disability to develop these essential life skills, helping them transition into adulthood, increasing independence and encouraging them to have fun and enjoy life. 

At TRANSITIONS we will provide safe places to belong, activities where genuine contributions can be made and Club members can truly thrive. 

We will use the money we raise to launch TRANSITIONS at Accuro.

With your support we can continue to make a REAL DIFFERENCE to the lives of local people with disability.

Thank you for your time, consideration and support.

Natalie and all the team, service users and families at Accuro

If you would like to know a bit more about what we will provide at TRANSITIONS please read on…….

We will provide activities and support covering a wide range of areas including

 Health and Self Care

Living a healthy lifestyle is a key life skill and we will include sessions on:

Personal Hygiene

The key to maintaining a healthy personal hygiene level is all about daily habits, such as showering, brushing teeth, using deodorant and perfume/aftershave, getting dressed and combing hair.  It may seem simple, but these things can significantly improve personal hygiene, appearance and confidence.

It’s often the little things that count and can add up to create a happier, healthier and more confident individual.

Eating and Cooking Healthy Food

It’s common for adults with disabilities, especially intellectual disabilities, to maintain an unhealthy diet. Often this is because of a lack of education and knowledge about the benefits of healthy eating.

A healthy diet has many benefits. Eating healthy foods creates more energy, helps maintain a healthy weight and prevents the increased risk of illness or disease later in life. Healthy eating can make an individual feel more confident in the way they look and interact with people.

We will provide sessions on healthy eating and cooking.


Everyone has a different level of ability when it comes to exercise.  We will provide sessions encouraging people to do daily exercise, whether this be a simple walk to the shops, or a few arm raises.

Small habits such as this can boost energy levels and over time will improve body image, strength and wellbeing.

Sexual Health

Sexuality is a normal part of life. We’re all human, and experience feelings and desires that drive us toward sexual activity.

Adults with disabilities, just like anyone else, can have rewarding sexual relationships. But in order to do so, they may need some additional support and information and we will cover subjects such as treating others with respect and understanding and practicing safe sexual health.  

Household Activities

Washing, ironing, cleaning or gardening can help build confidence and independence. Learning these skills can also help establish a responsibility for routines and set a foundation for self-sufficiency.

Hobbies & Recreation

Sport can be a great way to develop friends, communication skills and stay fit and healthy but we understand that sport isn’t for everyone so we will also encourage people to develop their hobbies by thinking about what they are passionate about and encouraging them to do more of it.  Getting out - or staying in - having fun, making connections and simply doing what makes people happy.

We will also provide sessions on:

Literacy and Numeracy

We will support skill development in basic literacy and numeracy.

Community Engagement

We will support connection and interaction with local people, areas and events.  Interacting and engaging with the local community helps develop skills and confidence.   

We will provide a wide range of activities within the community, such as eating out at restaurants / going to the cinema etc supporting people to order and pay for their own food / tickets etc.

Shopping is also a great way to interact in the community, improve communication and social skills, as well as learning important life skills such as money handling. 


We will help develop skills needed for work.  We will look at the appropriate dress, language and behaviour when in the workplace, including the importance of following directions, being punctual, understanding authority and working as a team.

 Transport and Safety

We will provide activities to learn about, experience and understand the wide range of transport options available.  We will also look at how to travel safely and how to understanding maps and directions as this will help gain greater independence.  

 We will also teach about other aspects of safety including fire, personal, internet and social media safety and when and how to dial 999.

Social Interaction and Communication Skills

We will help develop social skills, including how to interact with others, meeting and making friends.  This will include what to say, what to do e.g. handshake, smile, eye contact and understanding the concept of personal space and what’s acceptable, or not acceptable in a social situation.  We will also teach and practice common courtesy such as opening the door for someone else, giving up your seat on the bus, or waiting in line for a movie ticket behind others.


Through this new project at Accuro we will provide adults with learning disabilities the opportunity to learn and develop life skills, gaining independence as they transition into independence.  

We will provide opportunities through a mix of group and 1 to 1 sessions, role plays and support practice of these skills in real life situations within the local community, enabling local people with disability to belong, contribute and thrive.

We thank you for your support and look forward to Launch Transitions in 2020.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward - "THANK YOU" from everyone at Accuro

Thank you for donating £20 and supporting Accuro. Your help really does make a difference

£30 or more

£ 30 reward - Social Media "SHOUT OUT"

Pledge £30, and if we reach or exceed our £5000 target, you will get a Social media "SHOUT OUT" from Accuro

£50 or more

£50 Reward "shout out" + 1 person can attend

Pledge £50, and if we reach or exceed our £5000 target, you will get a Social media "SHOUT OUT" from Accuro and 1 local person with disability will be able to attend a session at Accuros NEW Transitions project. We will send you a project update when launched.

£100 or more

£100 Reward -prize draw entry- win a gaming chair!

Pledge £100, and if we reach or exceed our £5000 target, 2 people will be able to attend Transitions, you will get a Social media "SHOUT OUT" and a free entry into a prize draw to win a red AKRACING OVERTURE GAMING CHAIR, worth over £300 T&C apply. 1 chair to be won. Prize to be collected from Accuro CM22 7TA or courier arranged at winners cost. Actual colour may vary

£250 or more

£250 Reward - FREE White water experience!

Pledge £250, and if we reach or exceed our £5000 target, you will get a Social media "SHOUT OUT" and a FREE white water rafting experience at Lee Valley Olympic park. You will be invited to join an Accuro Fundraising Group dates TBC during 2020 T&C apply

£500 or more

£500 Reward - Dine at Selwyn College Cambridge!

Pledge 500, and if we reach or exceed our £5000 target, you will get a Social media "SHOUT OUT" and you will receive 2 tickets to Accuros Celebration dinner on 6th March 2020 at Selwyn College, part of Cambridge University. T&C apply

£1,000 or more

£1000 Reward - FREE Tandem Skydive!

Pledge £1000, and if we reach or exceed our £5000 target, you will get a Social media "SHOUT OUT" and a FREE tandem skydive with UK Parachuting. You will be invited to join an Accuro Fundraising skydive team. Dates and venues tbc T&C apply

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