Life Is...

We're aiming to raise £1,200 to fund this final year student film project. See our Crowdfunder page for more details. Thank you

We did it!

On 1st Feb 2017 we successfully raised £1,215 of £1,200 target with 55 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

If we manage to raise more money than expected we will be spending the additional money on effects for teh production as well as taking a second look at our costumes/props and see if we could acheive something greater with a larger budget.

Project Description

'Life Is...' is a story about life, death and life after death.  Based on 'The Egg' by Andy Weir, a short story with big ideas, we've taken his concept and added a comedic and entirely British twist to tell the tale of a universe far greater and more complex than could ever be imagined.

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Ms. Gregory is a bitter, old, repugnant woman who hates the world. After her sudden death, she finds herself in a post-life performance review with Frank, an incumbent young woman with strange abilities. Frank grills Ms. Gregory about her strange life choices and reveals to her the truth about the meaning of life. Can Ms. Gregory convince Frank that she is ready for the next step?

Where will the money go?

We're looking to make this production as professional as possible, as such a large part of our budget is going towards hiring experienced actors.  We are currently looking at several locations across Cornwall and will be hand making our effects, props and costumes, meaning the money raised here will be going towards the raw costs. 

The Crew

Writer/Director- Reece Kelly

After spending several years working with and attempting to organise children in several holiday camps, Reece decided a film set might be a more relaxing atmosphere to work in.  Having studied, editing, sound design, writing and cinematography, Reece decided to be the captain of his own project. After reading Weir's story knew exactly what his first official outing would be. 

Producer - Mima Booth

Mima is a television production student who is passionate about documentary television. Catering her skills, interests and in fact her own third year project to fit this complete love for film has given her fantastic job offers with companies such as Feral Films and Vice. Becoming a producer in student films has given her an eye for detail and helped focus her organisation and paperwork skills to prepare for a future in directing. 

Editor - Rob Woodward

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Since losing his hair, Rob's dream of becoming a Hollywood star had been all but diminished. Forced to work behind the camera for the last five years, he has filmed in Ethiopia, South Korea, and Cornwall. As editor for this project he will be assembling the final film, ensuring that it ends up as exciting and entertaining as possible.

Sound Designer - George Brabham
George is in his first year of study at Falmouth University but has a comprehensive past in the study of film.  While fairly new to the world of sound design, George has shown considerable skill and enthusiasm in the field, and, with four years of editing experience under his belt, combined with his dashing smile and bubbly personality, George is one to watch.

CInematographer - Luke Evershed

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Luke is an established and passionate cinematographer with aspirations of one day shooting footage for Formula 1 events or working in the film industry.  He sees this project as a great oppertunity to sharpen his skills ready for a working world outside of University.

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