Life is not so simple

by Barbara Florek in Mitcham, England, United Kingdom

This is for my son, who is in different country then me.  

He gave people so much fun in comedies and emotions in dramas - being like a clown myself - with a huge life problem.

He is a recognized, educated actor from Poland. This profession requires incredible mental strength. Imagine practicing this profession in Central Europe - the land of acquaintances and family arrangements - daughters, sons of producers and directors.

I am a cleaner, his father died when I was 8 years old. Despite this he  finished his study and got into the state theater school (20 people in one place), He won the festival during his studies.

He is a very good specialist in this field. Through difficult childhood I have the competence to practice this profession.

After years of fighting and casting, He have finally desired a full-time job in a state theater.

In the meantime, however, seeking non-stop employment, working several days  on shooting in the tv series, being in constant psycho-physical readiness - he fell into debt. 

He make theatre workshops with mental disease persons, children and seniors. They are very thankful but it did not let him get out of debt.

After 8 years of struggle for the opportunity to practice this profession without knowing the right people, he can finally earn from his dream profession. Debts from years before now of finishing off and fighting - remaining. It breaks him down completely. 

On the other hand this profession is assigned to the language. He knows English - but no one in London will hire him, due to law and strict language assignment. 

The British themselves have a problem with speaking Shakespeare in Old English. It's unreal for a Polish actor. The market is strictly defined for a given country - and the country in this matter is still crowded after historic period of the Polish People's Republic. 

In short: I want him to start a new life that he have already started. 

At our performances with him are always a standing ovation - but after returning home, his bills from the past do not let him start a normal life. 

I am a cleaning lady - it is impossible for me  to help him in such period of debts. 

I count on understanding. Thank you very much.

I am a organisator, becouse of my account  in UK. There are no other ways to be in this site. He will be realy worried if he knows about my writting in this portal. 

All this led him - all this stress to autoimmune disease. I will not write about it because it's sad. It's auto-aggression. Without solving his past problems, his life will shorten quickly. Help me to give him start breathing full breasts and start living normally and giving people what he have worked and won - profession and talent.

It isn't really simple to ask for :( All best. Barbara. 

### this is a page about him: 

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