Life In The Rave

Production of a short documentary about the Falmouth underground rave scene, its surrounding areas and how it has evolved over time.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This documentary will explore themes of exodus and youth rebellion surrounding the rave culture in Falmouth and it’s surrounding area. Rave culture has been a hugely controversial and a historically significant movement since its inception in the late 1980s.

What constitutes a rave? Where is a rave? Who are the ravers? 

A rave exists where DJs play dance music through typically loud sound systems. Synonymous with the drug ecstasy, the scene has revolved around venue spaces of the legal and illegal variety- reflective bright colours, smiley faces and a mass of young sweaty bodies throwing fast shapes to pounding bass rhythms.

Throughout thirty years of public disorder complaints and civil order acts, the UK rave scene has sunk back into the depths, once again becoming an underground movement as the clubs are culled back by noise complaints, and open rave spaces see police resistance that force promoters to use military tactics to keep raves alive. 

Club culture is once again driving in crowds of young people as increasing waves of impressionable students drive new energy and profitable opportunities to promoters in university towns.

We will be interviewing four influential people, whom each represent a different era, throughout the past three decades, including Luke Harrison (aka. DJ Touch), Tom Price (Durty Disco), Max Eastham (Sweatshop Audio) and Jon Claude Luxton (Concert Solution). 

Who is in the crew?


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