Life Funding

Life Funding

Aiming to restore justice and support with the case.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am a student aged 20. I have come across many life hardships but involved myself in a catastrophic sequence of events. Having an interesting project idea I have decided to create my own company in Bulgaria (as per business plan this was the best country), even though I study in a different country. I am new to the legal sphere of activity and decided to buy a ready-made company in order to save time. Because of the fact that I have almost no savings, naturally I had to attract investors and so I did... A respectable investor was found, everything was agreed on and signed. The company which I have bought was the same company which was providing accountancy support. This is where the problems began... I have signed all documents for the purchase of the company, which was supposed to be "blank" - without any previous activity. Afterwards I was told by the same firm to tell them when the next investment will be done so that they can prepare all paperwork. On 18th July the investor sent the payment, and once the payment was sent, the same day my corporate account was blocked. The total investment sum was 84'000 euro, but my account was blocked for more than 3 million euro. I have understood that something was terribly wrong. Spending days looking into this matter I found out that the company which I have bought owed more then 1 million euro to a company which was providing accountancy support. I found a laywer agency which agreed to help me for free, and was knocking on every single possible government door... It was found that another 5 companies had the same issue - fooled into this criminal activity. 

To say that the investor was dissapointed is to say nothing. The problem is that now I owe a lot of money because I was cheated on by a criminal group of people. I was blackmailed to stop my legal pursuit... All government officials either dont respond or dont do anything for long periods of time. 

The person who is responsible for filing a request to block my account is a private bailiff, who is now in court because of another criminal activity he was involved in. At first the bank simply blocked all investments, but after some time another private bailiff filed a request and the bank transferred all funds to him. Funds cannot be returned because they have fallen into hands of criminals. Despite being afraid for my life and never stopped pursuing them officially, but even I succeed nothing can be returned back. At this very moment all necessary documents lay in a special prosecutor's office where the case does not move further. 

Despite endless hardships I try to stay positive clinging onto hope that I have left. If I will not repay the debt I will be either be in court or worse... I have posted a video in Youtube describing this in more detail... 

If the pledged amount will be higher than expected I will be able to start off my project and invite you to participate..