Life changing medical equipment.

Life changing medical equipment.

To generate enough money to buy my brother the the medical equipment he deserves and for him to have at least some happiness in his life.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

5 Years ago my youngest brother of 10 years old was diagnosed with Ehler Danlos Syndrome. Its a very rare condition that only effects a very small amount of people. This condition is a disorder that effects his connective tissue to his blood vessels, skin, bones and his organs.

Over the last 5 years the condition has got much more severe to the point he can't walk anymore with his joints dislocating, severe pain and massive swelling of all his joints and his condition will only get worse the older he gets and he is now being confined to a wheel chair which is no life for a child and it breaks my heart to see his life taken away like that.

My parents are the best in the world and help out as much as they can but they can only do so much in our situation.

My parents currently have a 7 seater which is being paid on finance which is costing a considerable amount every month and is taking a toll on the family. My brother now struggles to even get into the car now as it is not suited to him.

I'm looking to raise funds the be able to buy a converted vehicle which will enable him to enter and exit the vehicle without the current problems and to aslo be able to get in and out of the car in his wheel chair. I have Saved £3000 myself to put towards it.

I would also like to get him a decent wheelchair that would be more benifical to him rather than the current old style one he has.

I know that these 2 things would greatly increase his happiness and make his life that much more better and that he won't have to get up in the morning and worry about the pain he is going to go through just to get out the house. I would love just to see a huge smile when we turn up to the house with these life changing gifts. There would be nothing more amazing to also see the pressure taken away from my parents and making their life that little more easier.

I have spoken with a company that will happily meet our needs and have even offered a discount which comes as a greta relief.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you from the botton of all our hearts for any help you can provide. I will post updates and if we get funded l will post the outcome :)

Thank you again.