Life changing course. Restore your health.

Life changing course. Restore your health.

I'm raising funds to help me fund a life changing course. To utilize that knowledge to help improve peoples lives, improving their health.

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I need your help to help others.

My name is Lukasz Strzelczyk and I've been helping people around for over 10 years now as a soft tissue specialist. I've experienced myself how life-changing can be addressing right mineral levels in our bodies. ‘When the soil is nourished it will give healthy and beautiful fruits’ – same is with our body.

One in a life time situation when a great mind is sharing his medical knowledge about how to help maintain and bring back health to people. Dr. Garrett Smith – medical professional who committed his over 10 year practice to develop highly specialized and aimed for results way of restoring health. Working on actual mineral levels in human body – we need them to properly function on daily basis. From complex athletic performance to simple heartbeat. To aim towards health on most basic level – tissue minerals to allow body regulate and produce needed enzymes and hormones for  healthy function. Backed up with science and own experience – Dr. Garrett Smith method helped people be fertile again, bring their thyroid to better function, preventing calcium deposits around body, healing ‘adrenal fatigue’ and generally restoring health. I’ve experienced it myself!  Working as a manual therapist (soft tissue + massage) and student of chiropractic I see great chance it getting that knowledge to help people improve their life – improving their health. Preventing possible disease and backing off their severity.

I see a big shift utilizing this approach, looking for mineral levels in the body by testing Hair Tissue to address with 100% precision this ones we lack, or this which actually can poison us (heavy metals toxicity). I need your help to help others – for those committed to help I have something special ! During and after completing this course I will help you check your mineral levels and support you during this time of change ( it can take up from 3-6 months ) with my passion and knowledge. Internet is great tool taht can connect us - lets use it for good :) !