Life After Brexit

Life After Brexit

Life after Brexit is an anti-propaganda political information sharing service.

We did it!

On 18th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 14 days

Our aim is to provide the UK with accurate and up to date facts on Brexit and the political situation in the UK. Presenting a clear picture of reality that is obscured or ignored by the mainstream media. This takes the form of leaflet drops directly to household letterboxes, and paid material on social media.

This was initially intended as a long term campaign focusing on the behaviour of the mainstream media and the Conservative party in the run up to the end of Brexit negotiations and a 2020 General Election.  The aim was to help the public make informed choices free of media bias and form a realistic national consensus about Brexit negotiations. The snap General Election has complicated matters, but the material is as relevant as ever. In the next few days our focus will be to tackle propaganda that supports the Conservative party throughout the UK.  We will be supporting progressive parties in England and Scotland until after the election, at which time we will be returning to specific coverage of Brexit, media bias and the performance of the elected Government.

There are three sub-campaigns running concurrently:

Life After Brexit
Leaflet campaign delivered door to door, unravelling misinformation about brexit and highlighting political corruption by the Conservative party. It costs around £150 to deliver 2500 leaflets, with one campaign completed already.

Life After Brexit UK
Social Media campaign. Main focus during the election is opposing media bias and misinformation about Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Party and the Green Party. This campaign geographically targets marginal Labour and Conservative seats in England and has already reached almost 50,000 people with a budget just over £100.  

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Life After Brexit Scotland
Social Media Campaign. Main focus during the election is opposing media bias against the SNP, The Green Party and Scottish Independence. This campaign geographically targets marginal SNP and Conservative seats in Scotland and has already reached almost 1,000 people with a budget just over £40. 

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Both social media campaigns also expose Conservative corruption and media bias in their favour. Any pledges made by 7th June will go towards boosting social media posts on both social media campaigns with roughly the ratio seen above (unless you specify a preference), as this is a sure way to make a direct impact on the outcome of the election. After the General election, focus will return to Brexit on all three platforms, until Brexit negotiations are concluded.

As you can see from above, a pledge of just £1 can reach almost 500 people. You can make a difference! When pledging, please indicate if you have a preference to support progressive politics in England or Scotland.

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