Lies, Damn lies and BREXIT

by The Engineer in Cromford, England, United Kingdom

Lies, Damn lies and BREXIT
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Explaining the facts of the European Union in a way that relates to everyday life in cartoons.

by The Engineer in Cromford, England, United Kingdom

The EU rules did not come about by accident. They are based on 40 years of experience, learning from mistakes and with a compassionate view of society.
The EU is not perfect, neither are any of us, having faults is not a reason to kill it off, it is a reason to improve it.

As a 14 year old boy, I went to what was then West Germany to live with my pen friend Juergen. His father, who fought and was badly wounded in WW2, took me to see the East / West German border. As we looked over to the East he explained that families were split when the iron curtain went up.
Brothers separated from Sisters, Mothers from their Daughters.

In 1967 that boy made a wish: "That wars would end and Europe be united. "

A week before my Birthday in 1990, most of my wish came true. 

Last week a friend of mine said if you feel so strongly about that wish and want to keep it:

I know what hardship is like, my mother, one of 8, was very poor since my granddad was killed in the war, what we have, we earned through hard work, not privilege. At 59 years old I became a Doctor, and last year a Professor.

This project is to raise funds for cartoons, posters, adverts and social media inclusions to educate people with my background into the benefits of the EU in a way that they can relate to.


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