Double O's Coffee Shop & Grill

by Clive Williams-Bond in Tewkesbury, England, United Kingdom

Double O's Coffee Shop & Grill
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On 12th November 2018 we successfully raised £165 with 8 supporters in 56 days

The aim of our project is to raise funds so we can obtain and trade from fixed premises.

by Clive Williams-Bond in Tewkesbury, England, United Kingdom

My name is Clive Williams-Bond and I am the owner of Double O's BBQ.  We currently trade at our riverside location from a gazebo which is the reason we are trying to raise funds.  We are classed and licenced as street traders and only aloud to trade from one hard standing area and location.  This restricts us from securing the gazebo and we are unable to trade in winds or gusts exceeding 20 mph due to health and safety reasons.  The business is now into its second year and the weather restraints are preventing the us from reaching our full potential.  We also have no power as we also have conditions attached to our licence that restrict us from using a generator which again causes issues and restricts the hours we can work due to light. All of our food is home made and sourced locally.  Our meat products are all fresh and made to order, as are the rolls we use.  We do not freeze anything and everything we cook is cooked to order so we can ensure our customers receive the freshest food possible. 

Aside from our standard menu, we also have a large specials menu consisting of combination burgers and food challenges.  We also have our very own Foot Long Tewkswurst Sausage and 6oz Tewksburger, both of which contain Tewkesbury Mustard variations.  This gives our products not only another locally sourced ingredient but also ingredients that have a history as old as the town itself.   We also produce our own chilli sauces, such as the H Bomb, Brain Strain, Purple Rain and our signature 666 sauce.  The chillies we use are again grown locally which allows us to keep supporting other local and independent businesses such as ourselves.   Our Chilli Sauces and Tewkswurst Foot Long Sausage will shortly be featured on the BBC One Show as part of an A to Z of food they are currently filming.  

With premises would also come Double O's Deli Deliveries.   This would be a website where local businesses and employees could log on, create, order and pay for there food to be made fresh the next day and delivered to their place of work.   Again, premises are the key to us pushing forward with all of our projects and allowing the business to reach its full potential.  

The money raised would be used to obtain premises, purchase the equipment we need and allow us make all of our projects a reality.

We have opted for a keep what you raise fund raiser.  The only reason for this is, even if we do not reach our target for premises, we will use any monies raised to fund a new trailer or use the funds for planning and construction of a semi permanent structure for our current location.  


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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£15 Reward

We will be giving a way a weekly meal to the sum of £15 for the first 12 months of our new premises opening. This will of course be selected from those that have donated only.

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