Libranox - Targeting the Policy-Makers

by Libranox in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Libranox - Targeting the Policy-Makers
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Libranox exists to target the Policy-Makers with a view to changing the way in which Local Taxation debts are dealt with

by Libranox in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Council Tax & Business Rate debts are among the highest concerns for households in the UK. For many, in particular those who are deemed to be amongst the most vulnerable in society, Recovery and Enforcement of thses debts can be catastrophic. Libranox's goal is simple - to ensure appropriate utilisation of Civil Enforcement Agents. 

With prior experience of working with some of the UK's most vulnerable and poverty-stricken individuals and households, I created Libranox with a view to address this issue, directly with the policy-makers - at both Local and Central Government level.

Whilst there is a need for Local Authorities to call upon Civil Enforcement Agents, to aid in the recovery of unpaid liabilities, it is apparent that this age-old procedure is in need of updating. With the current household debt climate being toxic, it is only right that a full review, and adjustment to existing recovery procedures is considered.

Libranox offer Local Authorities the opportunity to work in cohesion to seek out a more appropriate recovery method. With Local Government's in-depth knowledge and experience and Libranox's modern approach in Local Taxation recovery, Libranox's offering is set to benefit all involved.

With your kind support, Libranox will be able to market our offering to Local Authorities, and the Civil Enforcement Agent community and turn the tide on recovery and enforcement, making it a more positive and engaging experience for communities, thus breaking a very engrained and vicious cycle for those either momentarily or entrenched in financial difficulty 

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